Editor's Dozen

Editor's Dozen: March 18-24

Last week's most noteworthy posts, subjectively speaking.

  1. Well, there was that business with the Times and the editor who gave a page to the movie producer whose publicist he dated then quit with a blast at the publisher and the newsroom that drew return fire from the maximum editor and the media columnist and the retired city editor...whew, that's enough. We called it Grazergate as a wisecrack and the name stuck. And we got the pictures.
  2. Don't forget that a couple of days before this all hit the proverbial fan, Andres Martinez's number two bailed on the Times too.
  3. Journalist Cathy Seipp died of lung cancer and promptly shot to the top of the blogosphere. Denise Hamilton and David Rensin paid their respects.
  4. Blogger Lornamatic didn't want to give up her thumbprint for a BMW and got herself on TV.
  5. Channel 2 and 9's newsroom got hit with another memo from the Mad Neatnik of Hollywood (soon to be Studio City): coffee nyet!
  6. LAX received the A380 Airbus and Jacob Soboroff was there to interview the pilot on LA Observed video.
  7. We got to the bottom of why the Times started and stopped an environmental blog in three short days.
  8. The LA Weekly's questionable new reporters brought more unwanted attention, while the OC Weekly lost another editor.
  9. Palm tree in lake
  10. When a tree falls in Echo Park lake...
  11. The Hollywood Christmas Parade won't kill the retail buzz on Hollywood Boulevard any more.
  12. Talk abut buzzkill: those billboards of Ira Glass. We didn't want to see his face.
  13. How to enjoy Malibu's hidden but very public beaches — part III of a Native Intelligence exclusive. Springtime in Malibu is lovely too, in so many ways.

Plus: Mark Lacter had a good week keeping tabs on the Tribune-Zell talks and other big business stories with a SoCal perspective. Here's the whole week of LA Biz Observed posts in one easy digest and the same for News & Chatter.

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