This is what they're proud of?

The L.A. Times PR staff has taken to sending pitch emails to journalists bragging about stories the paper wants credit for breaking in the Sunday paper. Pickings must have been real slim this weekend, judging by this pitch:

As part of this Sunday's "Hot Property" column in the REAL ESTATE section of the Los Angeles Times, the paper takes a look at the new house recently purchased by hotel heiress Nicky Hilton. Thought it might interest you since The Times reports on the location and cost of her new home.

Be sure to check out what's happening in celebrity real estate by picking up a copy of this Sunday's Los Angeles Times or visit online at

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Stephan Pechdimaldji
Senior Manager, Media Relations
Los Angeles Times

"This is what it's come to," says the journo who forwarded it my way. "With everything in the globe to report on and pitch, this is what the LA Times p.r. people want the world to know about their paper." Well, the Times also has expensive billboards around L.A. right now promoting Susan Carpenter's motorcycle reviews. No matter how good her pieces are, how much will the future of the Times be helped by the tiny cohort of Angelenos in the market for a bike?

Mr. Pechdimaldji also sent out a pitch seeking media coverage of fashion critic Booth Moore, preferably a profile:

Subject: Got Booth?

As the fashion critic for the Los Angeles Times and cultural observer of how a region - known for its glitz and glamour - presents itself to the world, Booth Moore has a unique SoCal perspective on fashion, beauty, shopping and style with an eye on the international scene beyond.

Through her contributions in the paper's widely-popular IMAGE section, Booth's brand of journalism strikes an emotional bond with readers and users by taking a critical look at the global intersections of fashion and pop culture.

Whether it's logging tens of thousands of miles covering the runways from LA to Paris , her "Style Notebook" column or interviewing celebrity designers from Sean Combs to Karl Lagerfeld to Donatella Versace, Booth uncovers the latest trends and fashion in an artistic voice that reflects both social commentary and entertainment.

Having said that, I hoped piqued your interest in running a profile on Booth. I thought Booth's taste and ability to speak to current fashion
trends would appeal to your audience.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll follow up with you in a couple of days.


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