More random debate notes

  • Wolf Blitzer just took the stage and did the obvious sound check for the Kodak: "And the Oscar goes to...." Big laugh. 4:51
  • Blitzer tells the audience there are no rules: "We're going to let them debate." He takes questions from the audience while the photogs are doing their thing, including "Where's Anderson?" 4:53
  • For the debate itself, tune to CNN, KFWB, CNN.com or LATimes.com. I see that Vilaraigosa is next to Bratton in the front row, so it seems as if the seating array I reported earlier in the week held. 5:04
  • LAist's Jeremy Oberstein is in the room live-blogging the event. Same for David Markland of Blogging.la. 5:11
  • Slate is also live-blogging the debate, but not via Mickey Kaus, who is here in the media room. 5:19
  • Politico's Ben Smith is live-blogging as well. Politico also posted the questions submitted by readers. Here's the Huffington Post running item on the debate. 5:28
  • California Majority Report has posted an updated scorecard of state Democratic officials who have endorsed a candidate in the race. Among those who haven't are Sen. Barbara Boxer, Secretary of State Debra Bowen and Attorney General Jerry Brown. 5:43
  • A few hours after the debate, John McCain will be on Jay Leno. 5:51
  • Biggest groan of the night in the print media room: when the signal from the theater went out briefly. 5:53
  • At the commercial break, parched TV and radio types on the fourth floor scampered upstairs to the fifth floor print room for water and coffee. For once, print gets the perks. 6:03
  • David Markland snuck into the pre-debate photo spray and has some scenes from the auditorium, and from here in the media room, posted at his Flickr stream. 6:08
  • Great line for Clinton going into the second break: It took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush presidency and she says it might take a Clinton to clean up after #2. Barack remained stone-faced, but the theater applauded and the press room oohed. 6:13
  • CNN analyst Bill Schneider calls it a grown-up debate so far. 6:15
  • After the debate ends about 6:30, the way it works is that the candidates' surrogates flood into the spin room on the fourth floor — where the TV cameras are located — to be interviewed and try to believably argue that their person won. Pundits like NBC4's Sherry Bebitch Jeffe (and even academics like UCLA's Lynn Vavreck) are there too. I'll be offline in the spin room observing the goings on. 6:29
  • Clearly it's running longer than 90 minutes, but I don't think anybody is complaining. In the spin room, young Democratic volunteers await with name signs to hold over the heads of the campaigns' preferred spinners. 6:44
  • Spinners from both camps decided tonight was for healing the party and reveling in having a woman and a black man on stage. "I couldn't be prouder to be an American right now," Villaraigosa said before leaving for the Chamber of Commerce dinner. Same message from the Obamsters. City Council President Eric Garcetti did interviews for Obama in Spanish and English. Others in his corner included Reps. Linda Sanchez and George Miller. Speaking for Clinton were, among others, Reps. Brad Sherman, Maxine Waters and Hilda Solis, as well as Speaker Fabian Nunez.8:20

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