Initial LAT buyout list *

This is the unofficial list going around the Los Angeles Times newsroom of staffers who applied for the buyout, whether nudged or not. Some applications may be declined, in theory, but publisher David Hiller has said previously that all who want to leave will get to go. (Apparently he did not, per the Times' spokeswoman.) Most staffers on the editorial pages were deemed ineligible, according to editor Jim Newton, who confirmed that he asked Hiller whether he was eligible. Expect adjustments to the list as more names are learned or others fall off.

Notes on a scorecard:

  • The Los Angeles Times Poll is history. Director Susan Pinkus and her second, Jill Darling, are going.
  • In losing Henry Weinstein and Greg Krikorian, the Times' depth on legal affairs and federal courthouse sources will be shallow.
  • The stunningly weak bench on local politics and government gets weaker with Jeff Rabin going.
  • Departing Pulitzer winners are David Willman from Washington and Sonia Nazario from Metro. One other, Alan Miller in Washington, was mentioned yesterday but doesn't show up today.
  • Two Sunday mainstays — Then and Now by Cecilia Rasmussen and Hot Properties by Ruth Ryon — appear over since both writers are on the list.
  • Projects editor Joel Sappell and film writer Robert Welkos produced the paper's award-winning six-part series on Scientology in 1990 and many noteworthy investigative stories since.
  • In addition to Welkos, leaving Calendar are film writers Gina Piccalo and Kevin Crust and dance critic Lewis Segal.
  • L.A. based reporters leaving include Jim Ricci, Myron Levin, Molly Selvin, Connie Kang, John Spano and, in Sports, Robyn Norwood.

As an extra Zellutation to the community, the Times is doing away with public tours of the building. The position of guide Darrell Kunitomi (who has more than a dozen TV and film credits) is being eliminated, sources say.

The list, so far (* with some adds and a deletion):

Crust, Kevin--Calendar
Darling, Jill--poll
Delson, Jennifer--Metro
Doggrell, Glenn--Designer
Fantazia, Joan--Features
Furlong, Tom--National
Green, Julie--Editorial pages
Griggs, Greg--Ventura
Hale, Liz--magazine designer
Hunt, Don--Metro
Kang, Connie--Metro
Krikorian, Greg--Metro
Kunitomi, Darrell--tour guide
Levin, Myron--Metro
Nazario, Sonia--project writer
Neal, Ron--features designer
Norwood, Robyn--Sports
Piccalo, Gina--Features
Pinkus, Susan--poll
Rabin, Jeff--Metro
Rasmussen, Cecilia--Researcher
Ricci, Jim--Metro
Ryon, Ruth--Real Estate
Sappell, Joel--project editor
Segal, Lewis--Calendar
Selvin, Molly--Business
Spano, John--Metro
Stewart, John--National
Walters, Jim--National
Weinstein, Henry--Metro
Welkos, Robert--Calendar
Willman, David--National
Yates, Nona--researcher

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