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Mayor Russell Napolitano has gone back underground — literally, not metaphorically — and we have a new writer. This week's pages are by KP Mackie, who lives in San Diego with her husband, three teenage boys and a yellow lab. She once read 75-plus screenplays for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's "Project Greenlight." She also has submitted 19 consecutive weeks to "Right of Way," for which we thank her (and send her a t-shirt.) Eric Estrin writes:

Possibly without realizing it, KP and two previous writers who put the mayor below ground in the first place have turned up a great central image for our script -- the movie’s poster, if you will:

Napolitano fumbling around in L.A.’s dark underbelly, searching for a way out of the hole he’s dug himself.

(Of course, if this were a 1940s- or '50s-style poster, we’d include a few striking secondary images as well: Rachel, the slinky seductress; Larry, stuffed with peat in a men’s room urinal, the sexy widow Celeste crying on Napolitano’s shoulder; Duvane in his Order garments under a plasma-screen cosmos....)

KP has never tried to push a subway project through a soul-deadening bureaucracy, nor to my knowledge has she ever undertaken Napolitano’s singular quest for redemption. But in some ways, she has exhibited the same kind of tenacity and perseverance as that of our fictional mayor.

New submissions are needed, as always, by Sunday night.

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