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Last two weeks of 'Right of Way'

In the third to last installment of the LA Observed Script Project, Mayor Russell Napolitano is on his way to be executed with the beautiful Rachel, but slips out of the car and sets off a new chain of events. The new pages are from contributor Michael Breiburg, of whom Eric Estrin writes:

The guyís working 11-hour days on some clearly exploitive reality TV show (my characterization, not his); he comes home barely energetic enough to feed his political jones with the latest convention news; then he makes it to the weekend, only to learn no one else has contributed any new pages to our script, and itís up to him to keep our group effort going another week.

He must feel like Napolitano, whose perseverance and quick thinking lands him in Rachelís bedroom, where he finds sheís been handcuffed to the bed with the executionerís clock ticking. Sure, he finds a way to get her out of there, but now heís got four armed henchmen (and maybe an ally with questionable loyalties) clamoring after him full-tilt.

Because of the interactive nature of our project, you have one last chance to bail out the good guys (Napolitano and Breiburg), by writing the scriptís next pages.

In the past, our deadlines have been Sunday at midnight, but this week, if I donít get a decent submission by Sunday at noon, Iím going to take the whip to Breiburg one last time.

Read more at Eric's Script Notes.

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