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Assignment: Script Project

As the LA Observed Script Project nears its natural end point, producer Eric Estrin has an assignment for the would-be screenwriters out there.

This project’s been a total blast to run so far. The script, despite its flaws, is turning out better than anyone’s had a right to expect, and we’ve all stayed pretty much within the parameters I concocted six months ago, with minimal adjustments along the way.

Now, with a few weeks to go, it’s time for a bigger adjustment.


Here’s a rough checklist of what the next few pages need to cover:

A confrontation in the tunnel: Duvane and his minions escape with Rachel back into their building through the tunnel entrance. Napolitano urges the cops to follow, but they’re not interested. They only want to arrest the mayor. (Remember, Dallesandro, the undersheriff leading the posse, is crooked and in Duvane’s pocket.)

Napolitano gets free: Either he’s bailed out or recog’d by a friendly judge or he escapes with the help of Deland and/or Gallardo, his two suspended cop allies. (He’s probably suspended as well from his mayoral duties, though that may not figure into the story at this point.)

The Duvane-Sydney connection is established visually: We’ve heard these two are in cahoots; now it’s time to see them together.

Read more at Script Notes. Time is running out.

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