LAT adds 100,000 Obama papers *

Newspapers across the country are selling out today and in some cases going back to press. Kudo email to the staff from Tribune chief Randy Michaels says the Los Angeles Times will distribute 100,000 more copies than usual and is getting record visits to the website.

If you need any further affirmation about the value of our newspapers, television stations and websites in today’s chaotic media environment, look no further than the unprecedented demand for them today.

Check out these stats:

Every one of our newspapers increased their press runs last night, and virtually every one is printing additional copies today. In Los Angeles, Chicago, and Newport News, people literally poured into the offices of the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and Daily Press to buy a paper. The Chicago Tribune will distribute an additional 200,000 copies, the Times an additional 100,000.

The traffic at our newspaper websites is way up, too, with both the Tribune and LA Times sites experiencing record page views yesterday, and huge numbers again today.

As usual, our journalism across the board has been outstanding—that’s the reason people turn to us to learn more about the important events of the day. It always will be.

We’ve issued a press release about the increased demand for our products and posted it on TribLink. You can get to it via this link http://triblink.trb.

Thanks again for your hard work—I hope you are as proud as I am to be a part of Tribune.


Veronique de Turenne pulls together a sample of Obama front pages at Native Intelligence.

* Anecdotal update: Amy Dawes, editor of Creative Screenwriting Magazine, emails from Hollywood: "My office is next door to the venerable 24-hour newsstand World Book & News on Cahuenga in Hollywood. They've sold out several times today of every newspaper they carry. Hershey Weisman, the co-owner, is on the phone begging his distributors to get him more copies of any newspaper, and every time he gets more, they sell out. In the few minutes I was there, people were coming up and buying several copies each of the LA.Times (he'd just gotten a new batch) and the Wall Street Journal, and the phone was ringing off the hook with people asking if he had any newspapers. 'I'm frazzled,' he said. 'The only other day I've sold newspapers like this was 9-11.'"

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