2008 in review

2008 quotes: Politics

Bratton in London

"I always keep my options open."
LAPD Chief William Bratton, dismissing speculation he was a candidate for London police chief

"Barack's better half not only has stature but is statuesque. She has coruscating intelligence, beauty, style and -- drumroll, please -- a butt."
Erin Aubry Kaplan on Michelle Obama

"Long after the courts have struck down Proposition 8, and same-sex marriage prohibitions have rightly joined Jim Crow laws on the ash heap of history, our children will look back with wonder at how it could ever have been otherwise."
Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky

"Gay marriage? Please."
Jasmyne Cannick, Black lesbian activist

"If there's a rape kit sitting on a shelf, there's a victim without justice."
Controller Laura Chick, announcing LAPD backlog of 7,000 untested rape kits

"We must begin by ending our current artifice: we have not enforced our billboard permit program or our billboard ban."
From Jane Usher's resignation as chairman of the city planning commission

"I have decided that the obligation of serving as mayor would put a burden on my family that is too much at this point in their lives." — Mall developer Rick Caruso opting out of mayor's race

"He had no idea he was being lit from below...I guess they're not very sophisticated."
Photographer Jill Greenberg, on making John McCain look bad for The Atlantic

"The city of Los Angeles has surrendered its built environment to advertising and sign companies."
— President of Scenic America

"I still have no memory of the trip to Costa Rica or anything that happened."
Ron Deaton, retiring as head of the Department of Water and Power

"After five years as a commissioner, I have to admit that politics doesn't mix well with my background as a newspaper reporter and editor. A journalist's drive to get the story and, hopefully, to right a wrong is in direct conflict with a City Hall culture of protecting the status quo."
Bill Boyarsky on his experience as a city ethics commissioner

"Everyone else in the city has to grease the way, usually with campaign contributions, for big zoning and EIR votes. Let the McCourts grease the way, too."
Boyarsky urging Dodgers owners to pay some cost of stadium shuttle bus.

"I knew that Mr. Wong wanted Evergreen to be happy."
— Former deputy mayor Troy Edwards, testifying at corruption trial of ex-commissioner Leland Wong

"I don't think that marriage and childbirth are black and white. There are certain instances in which you have to do things in reverse order."
Rep. Linda Sanchez, announcing her pregnancy

"Permission to use the front of our school for the Republican National Convention was not given."
Principal of Walter Reed Middle School after photo shows up illustrating McCain speech

"While I know that most of you would never believe the horrible tabloid journalism that was exhibited on Fox 11 last week, it has been brought to my attention that a number of people are continuing the gossip and mistruths..."
Councilwoman Janice Hahn reacting to story that she paid gang members

"Get out of my face."
Councilman Tony Cardenas to Controller Laura Chick

"Time to take a nap? Or just go home???"
Text message from inside dragging Obama fundraiser at the Regent Beverly Wilshire

"They paved paradise, and all they've got to show for it is chalupas and discount tube socks."
Steve Lopez in Wasila, Alaska

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