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2008: Metrolink 111 tragedy in Chatsworth

On Sept. 12, a Metrolink commuter train headed for Simi Valley and Moorpark smashed head-on into a southbound Union Pacific freight train in Chatsworth. Twenty-five passengers and crew have died so far. On a recent windy day, I grabbed some shaky video of the makeshift memorial laid out on Chatsworth Street at the railroad tracks, just south of the crash site.

LA Observed posts as the tragedy became known, in chronological order:

Bad Metrolink crash in Chatsworth, at least 6 dead
Family information for Chatsworth crash
Chatsworth crash: Media scan
Blood donations requested
LAPD officer among the dead
Officer Spree Desha, 35, dies in Metrolink train
Death toll at least 24, engineer to blame
Seach for victims ends in Chatsworth; 25th dies
Partial list of victims
Engineer tested with teens before crash, CBS 2 says
Sunday Metrolink crash updates
Tyrell resigns Metrolink post
Tyrell elaborates on her resignation
Wow, 3 earlier survivors were on #111
Officer Desha funeral will be Thursday
Metrolink engineer never hit the brakes
Victim's phone kept calling family

National media routinely call the Chatsworth horse country "north of Los Angeles," but the community has been located within the city limits of Los Angeles since 1915.

2008 in review
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2008: Metrolink 111 tragedy in Chatsworth
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