2008 in review

2008 quotes: Media

WGA strikers

"We used the internet to win the internet."
WGA head Patric Verrone, on the writers strike

"Trying to get a story on the front page is so similar to getting a movie made."
Kate Beckinsale, on her role as a reporter in "Nothing But the Truth"

"Denim including designer jeans is never appropriate for the workplace."
New Daily News dress code, July 31

"After serious review, the proposed dress code has been dropped from consideration."
DN Editor Carolina Garcia, Aug. 4

"It's an open secret in indie Hollywood that no one wants Manohla Dargis to review their movie, fearing that the outspoken critic will tear their film limb from limb."
Patrick Goldstein blog

"In this business, it's all about collecting the right enemies."
Journalist Marc Cooper, on running afoul of ex-Speaker Fabian Nez

"Writing a blog you have to decide which one of your personas is going to make a guest appearance." — Fox 11 reporter John Schwada

"Here in LA we have no Bob Woodward, no David Halberstam, heck, for all she annoys me with her compulsive narcissism, not even a Maureen Dowd."
Sara Catania on the state of Los Angeles journalism

"The John & Ken Show is fundamentally fraudulent and makes professional wrestling seem credible in comparison."
Ex-KFI colleague John Ziegler

"Be insulting, but be surprising."
Instructions to Gawker bloggers

"When Hal Fishman died, so did the KTLA News."
Fox 11 anchor Carlos Amezcua

"This is the worst day I've ever seen here at the paper and I'm sure Friday will be even worse."
Daily News reporter Brent Hopkins, as layoffs are announced

"You are also the worst boss I ever have worked for, and with my long and varied career that puts you at the top of a very long list."
Laid-off DN reporter Val Kuklenski to former editor Dave Butler

"Val: Thanks for your insulting and unprofessional note."
— Butler's reply

"I've had some tough days in the newspaper business and this is the toughest.The realities are that we are in difficult times and face hard choices."
Daily Journal Editor Martin Berg, on the paper eliminating its copy desk

"The entire world should know that interns wrote some of our best cover stories."
Alan Mittelstaedt, after being fired as an editor at CityBeat

"Nahai's offer to the Daily News was nothing more than a clever pre-emptive strike against another reporter he considered a bother."
Daily News editorial admitting the paper got jobbed by DWP chief David Nahai

"Andres Martinez has filed a meritless and clearly frivolous lawsuit in a sad attempt to retaliate against Ms. Mullens, who earlier this year obtained a restraining order against him because of his unstable behavior, threats, and harassment."
Statement by lawyer for Kelly Mullens

"Jim Bellows was the last great American newspaper editor...."
Ron Kaye on Herald Examiner reunion

"Time and time again, Anat has dug into her beat and come back with tough, perceptive stories that shined a light for others to follow. We're going to miss her a lot around here. We wish her well in her new pursuits."
— Memo on reporter Anat Rubin leaving the Daily Journal

"Rewriting someone else's stories is one thing. Simply stealing them word for word is another."
Lawrence Wilson, public editor of the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group, about Pasadena Now

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