Chowhound's 25 'ultimate L.A. restaurants'

We have a new winner: Langer's Deli knocks Providence off the top of the list selected by 100 participants in Chowhound's Los Angeles pages. A change in procedure that encouraged more votes for cheaper places looks to have a played a part. "Langer’s, home to what even the most chauvinist New York deli partisans will concede is the best pastrami sandwich in the U.S., received no votes in the 2007 poll. Last year, it rocketed to second place," says the post. Here are the criteria:

The concept is simple: everyone is asked to list, in rank order, your five top restaurants in Los Angeles County that you would recommend to houndly out-of-town visitors or to Chowfriends for a special occasion.

Top ten after the jump, including new arrival on the list Church & State.

1. Langer's Deli
2. Providence
3. The Bazaar by José Andrés:
4. Pizzeria Mozza
5. Spago
6. Church & State
7. Urasawa
8. Animal
9. Jitlada
10. Osteria Mozza

And at number 11, Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica.

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