Big quake in Baja, felt widely in SoCal *

baja-quake-shakemap-4410.jpgThat was a long quake. Gentle but very noticeable rolling here on the Westside, but too long in duration to be a small quake. Details on location and magnitude soon as they're posted by USGS. Click on the shake map to enlarge. Legend

* Updates:

  • 6.9 7.2 magnitude quake located in Baja California, preliminarily from USGS. One hundred miles SSE of Tijuana.
  • Better location data:
    * 26 km (16 miles) SSW (211°) from Guadalupe Victoria, Baja California, Mexico
    * 61 km (38 miles) SW (227°) from San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico
    * 64 km (40 miles) SW (225°) from San Luis, AZ
    * 173 km (108 miles) ESE (106°) from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
  • The quake began at 3:40 p.m. California time, felt like it wobbled for close to a minute.
  • There's now also been a 4.1 quake near The Geysers in Napa-Sonoma wine country. Update: The Geysers quakes have been downgraded to sub-2.0 magnitudes on the USGS map.
  • And a 3.1, possible aftershock, in San Diego County 3 miles WSW of Julian.
  • LAFD out checking key places in the city, routine for these kinds of quakes.
  • Parts of Mexicali are without power and telephone, per media reports.
  • They've resumed conversion of Staples Center from Laker to Clipper court after stopping due to quake, ESPN's J.A. Adande tweets.
  • 4.5 magnitude quake at 4:09 pm closer to the border, 21 miles south of Ocotillo, CA and 32 miles west southwest of Mexicali.
  • 5.1 mag quake at 4:15 p.m. along the border one mile from Imperial, CA.
  • YouTube video: Quake-generated waves in pool in Cerritos, CA.
  • Coming up on an hour after the main quake, 3+ magnitude aftershocks continue along the border (and a 4.3 at 4:34 pm.) No story in L.A. beyond did you feel it? Time for media to focus on Baja, if they haven't already.
  • Store in Mexicali, via Tweetpic: mexicali-tweetpic.jpg
  • USGS has upgraded the original quake to 7.2 and the 4:25 pm aftershock to 5.4.
  • Just had a 5.1 quake deeper south into Sonora. 40 miles from San Luis Río Colorado. 5:07 p.m.
  • Lucy Jones at Caltech 6:45 p.m.: some data is missing because seismic sensors stop at the border, but she says there have been a dozen 4+ aftershocks. They could get stronger, easily up to high 5s, and continue for years with a 7.2 main quake. Scientists expect to find surface rupture moving north from hypocenter toward Mexicali and border. Quake was not on the San Andreas Fault, but on a shorter local fault. Santa Monica Bay 3.0 quake after 4 p.m. was likely triggered. Bottom line: We live in earthquake country. Only surprise is "how quiet the last 15 years have been."
  • Quake likely on Laguna Salada fault, which last broke in 1890s, a 7.2 then too.
  • Conan Nolan of KNBC, at Caltech, doing just what's needed on the quake science. He's knowledgeable and restrained, which is key. Lack of hype is an asset on quake coverage, especially with so much rumor flying around Twitter and TV.

Updated post and headline

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