Any ticked-off crossword fans?

last-dance-crossword.jpgThe first email came in pretty early this morning. Turns out the crossword puzzle the Los Angeles Times ran in today's Calendar section, titled "Last Dance," was a repeat of the puzzle that ran two Sundays ago. Writes a local political figure:


In this morning's print edition, the LATimes, um, "reprised" Sylvia Bursztyn's crossword puzzle that appeared on Sunday, April 18. My wife thought it looked awfully familiar after going seven for seven of her first answers in near-record time. Knowing how hardcore puzzlers can be, I presume they're getting plenty of angry phone calls on Spring Street this morning.

Or maybe not? Could be an interesting test of the editors' recent emphasis on the website over the print paper. By the way, the online puzzle at is the correct one.

Also: Search engine blogger Danny Sullivan is upset that the Times website is making him re-register for his online newsletters. He calls the post Dear LA Times: Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke.

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