David Carr on Tribune's bad boys, the early response

Media reporter David Carr's takeout in the New York Times on Tribune's boorish corporate culture under Randy Michaels and Sam Zell is the kind of story that gets media types across the country tweeting late into the night. You think they've been waiting for this piece to be done — especially the ex-L.A. Times folks below? Here's some of what's been streaming across my screen since the story broke a few hours ago.

David Kaplan of paidContent: @carr2n's Tribune piece ( is like a combo of Barbarians At The Gate, Decline & Fall Of The Roman Empire, Animal House

John Arthur, former LAT executive editor: Kudos to carr2n for nailing the Tribune story today. Nice to see someone bring it all together.

Daily Beast's Kate Aurthur, a former LAT editor: David Carr's story about Tribune is both incredible and the tip of the iceberg about the vile Zell creatures. Plus: And: Randy Michaels' official response sent to the entire company is completely insane! Off with their heads.

Variety's Michael Schneider: An American tragedy: How a bunch of frat boys destroyed Tribune. From tomorrow's New York Times:

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: How clueless Sam Zell and randy Randy Michaels trashed the once-proud Chicago Tribune.

Jay Rosen, New York University: At Sam Zell’s Tribune, Tales of a Bankrupt Culture By @carr2n Worse than you thought. Much worse.

LAT media columnist James Rainey: NYT's @carr2n takes apart antics at LA Times' corporate parent, Tribune. Corporate has emailed us to pay no attn.

Greg Mitchell, formerly of Editor & Publisher: Great @carr2nr piece on sick "culture" at Sam Zell's Tribune Co; we warned about this years ago at E&P.

NYT editor Patrick LaForge: From @carr2n: tales of a bankrupt culture at Sam Zell's Tribune. Great read...

NYT reporter Brian Stelter: Stop what you're doing and read @carr2n's Tribune Co. investigation. 4,000 exquisite words.

Michaels' preemptive memo trying to undermine Carr's credibility is on the jump over at my earlier post.

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