KPCC hiring to expand into arts and entertainment news

scpr-sign-kpcc.jpgKPCC is looking to make the first of two key hires to help the station move deeper into coverage of arts, entertainment, creativity and culture. The position is for an on-air host of entertainment programing. As I understand the plan, the coverage will begin as a segment on the morning show "Take Two" and an associated podcast, with the hope that it expands into a half-hour weekday show. "There are many news organizations covering entertainment in this town, but we believe that there's room for another -- particularly in the radio space -- whose focus will be a high-quality, in-depth report that examines and explores the creative process in all of its many artistic forms in the creative capital of the world," says VP of content Russ Stanton.

The host will be expected to help "lead a team that creates original coverage, pushes creative story approaches, gets gutsy interviews and yields original and compelling lines of inquiry," per the job description. Southern California Public Radio is the parent organization of KPCC.

Southern California Public Radio is expanding its coverage of arts, entertainment, creativity and culture. This position serves as a leader in that effort and will be the voice, written and spoken, for stories originating from the creative capital of the world. She/he will work with the production staff to define the scope and tone of arts and entertainment coverage and become the voice of new programming. This person will make signature contributions on SCPR shows and eventually host a new, half-hour daily program for public radio and distribution via podcast and other platforms. The successful candidate will take advantage of all the assets inside one of the largest public media newsrooms in the nation. That includes a live event space in Los Angeles and a range of established digital platforms – web, apps, social media and podcast -- with demonstrated and devoted audiences. She/he will be a talented journalist with a track record in the entertainment and arts, ready to lead an effort that will redefine what’s possible in this space.

A senior producer for the entertainment show will also be hired at some point. I see on the KPCC site there is a job posted for a senior producer on AirTalk.

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