Veteran TV types fill the final slot in KFI radio lineup

mark-thompson-espinosa-kfi.jpgStarting today, the 1-3 pm slot on KFI Talk Radio 640 is filled by Mark Thompson, the former Fox 11 weather anchor and environmental reporter, and Elizabeth Espinosa, the former Fox 11 and KTLA reporter and anchor who most recently has been a host on CNN Latino. Yes, the ratings-leading home of angry white guy talk on Los Angeles radio now has a Latina co-host. And how is the KFI body politic taking to this news? I don't know about on the air, but the website comments include some predictably ugly jibes.

  • I predict a fail for these two bubble heads.
  • Can do without all the Spanish language references. I like Mark better by himself.
  • She really can't offer the woman pov if she's not been married, divorced or have any kids.
  • She loved to roll those r's in "Villaraigosa"

Some fans also posted comments. "Yes! You guys have my undivided attention," posts one man. "Thompson and Espinosa. This station just got better!" Another man writes from Spokane: "Good luck to the two of you. Big shoes to fill working at KFI. Let's keep it insightful and don't be afraid to rock the boat....big difference between radio and television."

It's a trend: In January former Fox 11 anchor Carlos Amezcua signed on to handle the 3 to 6 p.m. slot on AM 1150, the station Rush Limbaugh moved to after his show was bumped from KFI.

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