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LA's forgotten Jewish soccer dynasty

los-angeles-forgotten-jewish-soccer-dynasty-1435124242.jpg At Vice Sports, Jonathan Zeller goes deep on the story of Maccabi Los Angeles.
misty-copeland-gene-schiavone.jpg Copeland came from a difficult situation in San Pedro and Gardena and today becomes the first African-American female principal dancer ever in the company.

Tuesday news and notes

rock-yard-soqui-law.jpg Parks and LaBonge check out of the City Council. SCOTUS to take on labor union fees. Gravel yards. Much more politics, media and place.

Bill Walton *really* loves the Grateful Dead

bill-walton-deadhead-twitter.jpg "5 shows in 9 days, just like the old days," the former basketball great tweets. He has already been to 854 Dead shows.

Michael Connelly visits the LA crime lab

connellyheader-csula.jpg In a piece for the Cal State LA campus magazine, Connelly goes to the lab that provides many scenes for his books and Amazon original series, "Bosch."

Susan Ahn Cuddy, 100, Korean-American pioneer in LA

susan-ahn-cuddy.jpg Born to the first Korean couple to immigrate to Los Angeles, she was a Navy code breaker in World War II, an activist in LA and part of a popular postwar restaurant family in the San Fernando Valley.
steve-chiotakis-award.jpg The annual press club banquet was Sunday night. Here's a curated list of some of the winners.

City Hall reporter moving to another floor

city-hall-with-palms.jpg Catherine Saillant left the LA Times on Friday and will be a communications deputy in one of the newest city departments.

Marriage for all now the law of the land

Supreme Court decides 5-4 that Americans do have a basic right to marry and that states can't single out same-sex couples.

As Mono Lake drops, land bridge is emerging again

monolake-southtufa-jg.jpg An echo from the recent past at the scenic brine lake on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada range.
triangle-offense-book-nyt.jpg An NYT editor explains how writer Nicholas Dawidoff came to go do deep on a subject no one was curious about: "They just might fall in love with this truly bizarre corner of the sports landscape, as I had."

Academy museum in Miracle Mile gets OK from the City Council

academy-museum-ball.jpg The 13-0 vote allows construction to begin soon at the former May Co. building at Wilshire and Fairfax.

Obamacare subsidies legal, Supreme Court rules

scotus-aca-nyt.jpg In a 6-3 decision with the majority opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Supreme Court ruled it was clear that Congress intended for healthcare tax credits to be available in all states.

Alessandra Stanley leaves TV beat to cover the .01%

alessandra-stanley-640.jpg Stanley is shifting to a newly created beat that will be part of the NYT's gathering coverage of income inequality in the U.S.

Scott Diener leaving as KCBS-KCAL news director

scott-diener-kcbs.jpg Diener has been the Vice President and News Director of the KCBS-KCAL duopoly stations since January 2010.

Motorcycle head-on with fire truck in Angeles Forest on GoPro

glendora-ridge-motorcycle-grab.jpg A motorcycle rider named Jesse Lopez was cruising with friends on Glendora Ridge Road in the Angeles National Forest when he collided head-on with a fire truck. The GoPro...

Three deputy sheriffs convicted in jail beating and cover-up

jail-cell.jpg Two other deputies took previous plea deals and testified. This is the case of the jail visitor who was beaten up.

How Jon SooHoo got the Dodgers shot of the year

fan-baby-jonsoohoo.jpg Everything came together for the Dodgers photographer to nab a shot of the Chicago fan clutching his baby while interfering with the play at Wrigley Field.
bradbury-bookends-325.jpg UCLA and the Sean Combs arrest. Minimum wage, homeless camps and farewell to Tom LaBonge at City Hall. Plus more.

Al Martinez remembered by his wife

Al-and-Joanne-Martinez-aarp.jpg "Al was a complicated man," Joanne Martinez writes on the AARP blog.

Dodgers go meekly again, but the baby lives

dodgers-baby-jsh.jpg Wrigley Field has a new goat or hero, depending on your view. Plus two new books on the Dodgers.

Beach tar balls traced to Santa Barbara spill

heal the bay oil cleanup.jpg There's no real surprise here. Yes, the tar that washed up on local beaches came from 100 miles away.
frances-kroll-ring.jpg Ring was the assistant who hid F. Scott Fitzgerald's drinking by dumping his empty gin bottles in Sepulveda Canyon in the months before he died.

P-39 and cubs feeding on a deer

p-39-kitten-nps.jpg New batch of photos gathered by remote camera in the eastern end of the Santa Susana Mountains.

Monday news and notes

obama-maron-garage.jpg Catching up with a plethora of items on politics, media and place including news this morning from the Supreme Court.
esquith-alcorn-wp.jpg Rafe Esquith has been in the LAUSD's dumb "teacher jail" status since March over a complaint over telling a joke about nudity in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."

Danny Villanueva, 77, media executive and former LA Ram*

danny-villanueva-325.jpg The kicker for the Rams in the 1960s became the news director and president of KMEX and a co-founder of Univision.
sarah-dusseault-fb.jpg Sarah Dusseault is fresh off guiding the unsuccessful supervisor campaign of Bobby Shriver.
lapd-shooting-los-feliz.jpg Officers yelled at a man who flagged them down to drop the weapon, then opened fire. No gun was found. He survives.

Los Angeles may have a shot at the 2024 Olympics after all

olympics-sussman.jpg Under pressure from Olympics officials, the U.S. committee may be looking to drop Boston and put up LA for its third summer games.

A plus and a minus for the LA Times

lat-sports-oops.jpg A glaring editing mistake on the cover of Sports distracts from the return of former columnist Peter King.

Daily News photog tweets his layoff

michael-baker-layoff.jpg "Shot my last picture for LADN before gettin laid off. Gonna miss the co-workers and great people in the SFV."
air-force-one-pictures.jpg The LAPD's street closure guidance for today and Friday stretches from Pacific Palisades to Pasadena and Highland Park.

Uber's free ride could be coming to the end

uber-logo.jpg The California labor commissioner's ruling changes everything for Uber's business model, LA Times business columnist Michael Hiltzik writes.

BuzzFeed releases long-discussed news app

buzzfeed-news-app-grab.jpg "We know a lot about the 25 million people who visit BuzzFeed News each month," says the site. "We know young people are into news."

Charleston paper adds gun range sale sticker to front pages

charleston-gunad.jpg "A deeply regrettable coincidence," the paper said in a statement after Romenesko called. Nine people died in the massacre at a historic black church.

What 'Pacific Standard' wants in a new editor

pacific-standard-grab.jpg "The ideal candidate is deeply committed to journalism in the public interest and does not shy away from difficult—even scary—projects." And more.

City of Carson acts out again

jim-dear-carson-grab.jpg Jim Dear, the former mayor, walked out of last night's city council meeting after an "incoherent rant" that included a "Lord of the Flies" reference.

Kuehl proposes a county minimum wage

hall-of-admin-sign.jpg The measure, which could come up next week, seeks to have LA County follow the city of Los Angeles in imposing a new, higher minimum wage.

Three bowling alleys and a Marilyn Monroe house go away

friendly-hills-bowl.jpg Mission Hills Bowl, Friendly Hills Lanes in Whittier and Wagon Wheel Bowl in Oxnard all went dark this month. And a home where Norma Jean Dougherty lived in what's now Valley Village was torn down.

LA Times hires a director of audience engagement

latimes-building-aerial-tig.jpg Alexandra Manzano’s promotion "reflects the growing importance of our social-media team and its role in helping connect the Los Angeles Times with our audiences."

Mayor Garcetti on defensive about DC fundraising trip

garcetti-protesters-getty-house.jpg The City Hall press corps seems to be tiring of the mayor's style.
hillary-sign-sabo.jpg Obama gets here mid-afternoon Thursday and Clinton has at least three local fundraisers the next day.

Kirk Kerkorian, 98, went from dropout to billionaire

Kirk-Kerkorian.jpg He bought MGM three times, owned Las Vegas hotels and at times was the richest man in Los Angeles.

San Diego paper now printed at the LA Times

sandiego-ut-bldg.jpg The Union-Tribune's last press run in San Diego was Sunday morning. About 100 operations people were laid off.
garcetti-protesters-getty-house.jpg The mayor left the city at a tense moment for a Georgetown fundraiser, then obfuscated in the face of questions by the Times.

Rare frogs surviving in the Santa Monica Mountains

red-legged-frog-nps.jpg Planted in two streams last year, they are the first California red-legged frogs to grow up in the Santa Monicas since the 1970s.

Monday news and notes

taix.jpg Politics, media, books and place for a new week, plus a couple of tweets.

John Carroll, 73, former editor of LA Times

john-carroll-iwmf.jpg The editor who led the Times to 13 Pulitzers in the first five years of Tribune ownership, then left rather than begin to dismantle the paper with cuts, died in Lexington, Kentucky of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

DWP image takes another hit

owens-valley-dwp-trucks-lao.jpg A retired video technician is charged with steering $4 million in contracts to friends and back to himself.

Dodgers shamed into keeping Nancy Bea and her organ*

nancy-bea-twitter.jpg After she takes her frustrations to social media, and Bill Plaschke takes up the cause, the Dodgers pledge more respect.

Untagged female mountain lion poses above Glendora

lion-glendora-martinez.jpg The mountain lions in the San Gabriels are untagged, uncollared and unnamed. But they are just as beautiful as the ones the National Park Service monitors in the Santa Monica Mountains.

LA journalist gets a nice surprise on his Hanoi visit

nick-ut-hanoi-henry.jpg Henry Weinstein is traveling in Vietnam and ran into the one LA media person you might hope to see in Hanoi.

Romenesko steps away from the laptop a bit

romenesko-grab.jpg Jim is not retiring exactly, but he's freeing up his mornings for other pursuits. It's an impulse I totally get.

Pete King rejoining the LA Times California staff

lat-front-beutner.jpg King had been reporter, columnist and city editor before leaving in 2009 for the University of California communications staff. He comes back to bolster California coverage.

Nokia Theatre is out, Microsoft Theater (and Square) are in

microsoft-sign-dtla.jpg Prepare to be laughed at if you ever refer to Microsoft Square in DTLA.

Not a parody: Stories on Nikki Finke's politics

nikki-finke-2015.jpg Sure, you don't care and nobody you know in LA cares, but Page Six and Politico do care what Finke thinks about the presidential derby and who she has voted for.

Emmys reporters can now sleep in

aduba-stamos.jpg The Emmy Award nominations will no longer be held at a ridiculous hour of the morning in Los Angeles (well, North Hollywood.)

Investigations editor leaves LA Times after less than a year

brandi-grissom-twitter.jpg Brandi Grissom was hailed as a big get from the Texas Tribune last summer. Today she announced she's going back to Texas.

Mixed ruling from police commission on Ezell Ford killing

lapd-car-left.jpg The officers who shot and killed Ford in South LA were partly justified but also acted partly outside of department policy.

Crafter of 'Headless Body in Topless Bar' dies at 74

headless-body-hed.jpg Vincent Musetto, a retired editor at the New York Post, "wrote the most anatomically evocative headline in the history of American journalism."
brand-chastain-deadspin.jpg David Davis revisits when Brandi Chastain won the World Cup at the Rose Bowl and tore off her shirt.

Because breathing underwater is a skill in baseball

amphibious-pitcher.jpg Check out a headline that needed a copy editor.

Nick Ut returns to Vietnam for 'Napalm girl' anniversary

nick-ut-vietnam-2015.jpg Monday was the 43rd anniversary of the most iconic photograph of the Vietnam War. For the occasion, Nick posted on AP's Instagram account.

Vincent Bugliosi, Manson prosecutor and author, was 80

bugliosi-1971-herex.jpg After convicting Charles Manson and followers, Bugliosi wrote "Helter Skelter" and a number of other books.
de-leon-prius-bee.jpg A judge says the media can have the calendars of two suspended senators facing federal charges. Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon also halts late-night free rides.

Mojave's Joshua trees are in bad shape

joshua-wind.jpg Climate change, the drought and development pressure are all taking a toll on the symbolic succulents that grow only in the Mojave Desert.

Greenwald rips LA Times a new one over Snowden editorial

Edward-Snowden-guardian.jpg Edward Snowden's chief journalistic collaborator says the LA Times runs sensitive leaked material all the time and only calls to punish whistleblowers who embarrass those in power.

Dancer Robert Fairchild goes to the Tonys

tiler-peck-robbie-fairchild.jpg Fairchild has been in LA Observed a few times, so let's see how he did at Sunday night's Tony Awards -- up for best actor in a musical.
egan-lawyer-wrap.jpg Two lawyers have paid seven-figure settlements to Hollywood executives over bogus sexual abuse lawsuits.

More coverage of that LA leadership event at Pritzker home

lawson-ross-foc-alcorn.jpg Stories by Los Angeles Magazine, THR and the LA Times include the quote of the night: "Building a bike lane at the farmers’ market won’t build a great city. It would build a great Danish village."
lapd-car-left.jpg The newspaper counts the alleged homicide by Henry Solis outside a bar in Pomona in its tally "arising directly from encounters with law enforcement."

List of beaches hit with tar balls since Santa Barbara spill

oil-cleanup-htb.jpg Affected beaches range as far south as San Clemente. Heck of a coincidence if this is not found to be connected to the Santa Barbara County spill.

New policy magazine from Jim Newton and UCLA

blueprint1-cover.jpg Mayor Garcetti helps UCLA launch a new journal edited by former LA Times reporter and editor Jim Newton, with help from some former LAT colleagues. The first topic: policing and the science of safety.

Thursday news and notes

carson-stadium-render.jpg Minimum wage. Drought shaming. A new head of LAX. Emmy nominees. Gawker unionizes. Plus media moves and much more.

New future of LA initiative launches in a big way

bojarsky-event-alcorn4.jpg Donna Bojarsky and friends unveiled a new group Future of Cities: Leading in LA at the hilltop Pritzker residence.

Development notes: Crossroads of the World, Windsor Square

Crossroads-Curbed.jpg One of Hollywood's most visible landmarks is the site of a proposed mega-project.

Tom Hayden at UCLA recovering from a stroke*

tom-hayden-2011.jpg The former anti-Vietnam War activist and state lawmaker suffered the stroke May 21.

Actually unusual weather: 'Reverse spring' in LA

gray-over-bay-vdt.jpg March was warmer than April or May. Last time that happened: 1921.

Obama and Clinton coming back for LA money this month

hrc-invite-619.jpg Obama heads over to Tyler Perry's place for a June 18 fundraiser, and Clinton stops in at Tobey Maguire's the next day.

Caitlyn Jenner introduces herself in Vanity Fair

caitlyn-jenner-vanity-fair-cover.jpg The former Bruce Jenner comes out in her new identity in a cover photo by Annie Leibovitz and 22-page spread in the new Vanity Fair.

Monday quick news and notes

6th-street-viaduct-lao.jpg Plans for the 6th Street bridge. Anne Gust Brown profiled. More talk of exemptions from the $15 minimum wage. How much do City Council members pay their help? Drivers for drunk senators. And more.
Clinton fundraises in LA
kermit-la-brea-closer.jpg Jim Henson Studios on La Brea became a presidential campaign stop on Thursday.
Brown declares disaster area
porter-ranch-sign.jpgThe natural gas leak above Porter Ranch now qualifies for various government actions. Story
Wet coyote
wet-coyote-vdt.jpgSpotted between the storms at Here in Malibu.
Performing arts with cheer
guys-dolls-kevin-parry.jpgDonna Perlmutter closes out 2015 with productions downtown and on the Westside.
Junkyard down
upick-firetruck-560.jpgAfter 53 years, Sun Valley's Aadlen Brothers and U-Pick Parts cleans out. Photos