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An open letter from the Rafu Shimpo

Rafu-staff-Circa-1920s.jpg The publisher says the money-losing, 103-year-old journal of LA's Japanese American community will have to close this year unless something changes.

Bill Rosendahl, 70: Former councilman had cancer

rosendahl-gleonard.jpg The longtime Westside councilman and television host entered hospice care last month.

The making of 'All the President's Men'

redford-atpm.jpg Forty years before "Spotlight" reminded movie-goers what reporters actually do, ATPM was the film making college students want to study journalism.

Feds looking at small donations to Nury Martinez

nury-martinez-campaign.jpg Aides of the Valley councilwoman and their family members have been called into a grand jury over $5 and $10.

Beginning of the end for us and Vin Scully

vin-on-plane-jonsoohoo-dodgers.jpg Dodgers official photographer Jon SooHoo begins to chronicle the final season.

Hollywood versus the freeway that carries its name

cahuenga_valley_parkway_postcard.jpg Lost LA's Nathan Masters curates a look at the urban carnage wrought by construction of the Hollywood Freeway in the 1950s.

Villaraigosa says he is getting married again

patricia-govea-cbsla-grab.jpg He breaks the news at a Town Hall lunch meeting then takes it to Twitter.

LAT TV writer jumps to The Wrap and other moves on the beat

collins-doty-thewrap.jpg Longtime TV reporter Scott Collins will be TV editor, and Michael Schneider joins Penske Media. Plus more.

Trump has big lead among Calif. Republicans

trump-iowa-cnn.jpg The California primary on June 7 is very much in play for Republicans.

LA Times taps HuffPost reporter to cover race & justice

jaweed-kaleem-325.jpg Jaweed Kaleem covered religion for HuffPo, where he had been for five years.

Memo: LA News Group now So Cal News Group

register-sold-grab.jpg Digital First Media acts to rebrand in SoCal after judge OK's sale of Register and Press-Enterprise.

Change of plans: Freedom papers going to Digital First*

oc-register-bldg.jpg Tribune's high bid is rejected after a federal lawsuit and temporary restraining order. Now on to the judge to decide.

Cartoonist Ted Rall sues LA Times for defamation et al*

ted-rall-cartoon-nyo.jpg Former freelancer is back looking for vindication.

Sam Quinones, 'Dreamland' win at National Book Critics Circle

sam-quinones-fb.jpg He wins in the nonfiction category for book about the heroin epidemic in middle-class America.

Lucy Jones is retiring from USGS and quakes

lucy-jones-bridge.jpg She remains at Caltech and will work more on the effects of climate change and global warming.

Justice Dept. files lawsuit to block Register sale to Tribune

latimes-building-from-above.jpg The civil antitrust lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order to block last night's auction results.

Tribune Publishing wins OC Register bidding*

oc-register-bldg.jpg LA Times parent puts up the most money, but questions remain.

Knife at O.J.'s old house tests for nothing

tmz-grab-oj-knife.jpg TMZ says the crime lab found no DNA, hair or any other potential evidence.

Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran is back at LA's morgue

LakshmananSathyavagiswaran-vimeo.jpg The former LA County coroner will return on an interim basis to keep things running.

U.S. throws wrench into LAT's bid for the Register

ocregister-newsroom-nyt-ma.jpg A letter from the Justice Department warns of antitrust concerns if Tribune Publishing were to acquire Freedom communications at auction.

LA neighborhood initiative put off to 2017

one-santa-fe-construction.jpg Organizers say the measure belongs on a city ballot to be locally debated.

Richard Alarcon wants back in the politics game

richard-alarcon-flora.jpg With his convictions overturned on appeal, Alarcon says he is a candidate for Congress in the Valley.

LA sheriff warns parents about nude selfies of their teens

selfie-grab.jpg An unusual open letter from McDonnell says "these cases slice across all socio-economic and racial lines."

Bidding for OC Register is a 3-way showdown

oc-register.jpg Digital First Media's offer is chosen as the stalking horse bid. Read the memo.

Photo: Another Starbucks coming in Santa Monica

starbucks-pico-sm.jpg A former stand-alone Kentucky Fried Chicken on Pico Boulevard is well along in its conversion.

Hauser Wirth & Schimmel hits the Arts District

hauser-hanging.jpg For better worse, the hottest corner of the downtown Arts District boom now has a giant international art destination.

LA county's coroner is going away mad

coroner-mark-fajardo.jpg Mark Fajardo was here less than three years and says the department is understaffed due to budget issues.

After P-22 kills the zoo's koala, what now?

p-22-close-dec2015.jpg The mountain lion's long-term prognosis doesn't get any better on the news that he's probably preying on the LA Zoo's animals now.

Trailer for 'City of Gold,' film about Jonathan Gold

jgold-screen-grab.jpg The documentary opens Friday in Los Angeles and New York.

New editors, hires on Calendar side of LA Times

la-rr-brenda-rodriguez-marc-bernardin-sarah-ro-001.jpg Moves announced today are follow ups to the buyouts last year in which something like 90 senior staffers left the paper.

Another Pulitzer winner for the Breeze leaves journalism

breeze-winners.jpg Rebecca Kimitch is moving into PR for the Metropolitan Water District.

Tribune and Digital First bid for the OC Register

ocregister-newsroom-nyt-ma.jpg A third bidder may yet join the auction but a sale could close by the end of the month.

Sharapova fails drug test, faces possible ban of years

sharapova-grab.jpg She discloses the news at DTLA press conference.

Newest speaker from LA area swears in today

anthony-rendon-speaker.jpg Anthony Rendon becomes Speaker, Trump trouble in Silicon Valley, candidate trouble for the Democrats in Simi Valley and more.

Hennessey + Ingalls now open in the Arts District

hennessy+ingalls-open.jpg Click on the photo to enlarge. LA Observed photo from Sunday. Hennessey + Ingalls, the arts and architecture bookstore that shocked its fans by announcing last fall it was moving...

Erin Andrews wins $55 million in damages over nude hotel video*

erin-andrews-civil-trial-cnn.jpg Other female reporters tell Sports Illustrated a depressing story of hyper-vigilance, fear and never feeling truly safe in their rooms.
gigi-graciette-hurt.jpg "I’m hurting and I’m sad and mad...I’m beginning to feel the city isn’t good for me anymore," Gigi Graciette vents.

Schwartz lists why he is running against Garcetti

Mitchell-Schwartz-640.jpg Los Angeles needs a mayor whose goal isn't climbing the ladder to the next office, Mitchell Schwartz says.

LA Times declares Trump 'unsuited' to be president

donald-trump-tux.jpg On its first day under a new publisher, though I don't know if it mattered, the Los Angeles Times editorial board used very strong rhetoric in an editorial blasting...

Davan Maharaj named publisher too of the LA Times*

davan-maharaj-320.jpg The editor since 2011 will be the first joint editor-publisher of the LAT possibly since the era of General Harrison Otis. He's the fourth publisher in two years.

LA Times manages to goof up the Oscars*

Thumbnail image for latimes-sign-sideview.jpg Oscar reporters had to demand access to the ceremony after corporate suits took the LAT's passes. Also: could Davan Maharaj add publisher to his title?
Clinton fundraises in LA
kermit-la-brea-closer.jpg Jim Henson Studios on La Brea became a presidential campaign stop on Thursday.
Brown declares disaster area
porter-ranch-sign.jpgThe natural gas leak above Porter Ranch now qualifies for various government actions. Story
Wet coyote
wet-coyote-vdt.jpgSpotted between the storms at Here in Malibu.
Performing arts with cheer
guys-dolls-kevin-parry.jpgDonna Perlmutter closes out 2015 with productions downtown and on the Westside.
Junkyard down
upick-firetruck-560.jpgAfter 53 years, Sun Valley's Aadlen Brothers and U-Pick Parts cleans out. Photos