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2007: Those wacky Times

It's amazing, really, to look back at all the distraction, disruption and toe-shooting the new Los Angeles Times can pack into a single year. In 2007 alone: The #2 editor...

2007: Antonio and Mirthala

The Internet has spoken — no Los Angeles story came close to surpassing the interest in Antonio Villaraigosa and his affair with Telemundo rising star Mirthala Salinas. First came the...

2007: Passings

Noting the deaths of noteworthy Los Angeles figures and LAO's colleagues and friends in the media is just something we do here. Here are most of the passings that LA...
New at LA Observed
Arts District makeover
ford-factory-shorenstein.jpgBuzzFeed could be interested in Ford Model-T factory at 7th and Santa Fe. Read more
Hollywood Bowl nights
mirga-300.jpgSay it with us: Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla. Donna Perlmutter
Some reasons crime is up
homeless-virgil-avenue-325.jpgAuthor Joe Domanick argues some possible factors. Read
Buck stops there
garcetti-desk-outside-conan.jpgGarcetti takes his desk outside for a media op.
Tumble Inn
tumble-inn-ruins-ridge-rout.jpgRuins of a former lodge on the Old Ridge Route north of Los Angeles.