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Original, intact model of Garden of Allah located in the Valley

garden-of-allah-model.jpg Alison Martino's Vintage LA community on Facebook has turned up another gem. Check out the video.

Wednesday news and notes: 9.17.14

soon-shiong-forbes.jpg Cover story on Patrick Soon-Shiong. Kuehl and Shriver debate. Gov. Brown's unusual campaign. Another sheriff deputy convicted of hiding jail inmate from the feds. Mapping the LA sewer system. You didn't win a genius grant again this year. And more.
Here in Malibu

Good morning

Morning dog: Morning mist: Morning ride: Morning vista:...

La Opinión converts to tabloid, redesigns site

la-opinion-cover-91614.jpg The Spanish language daily newspaper rolled out an all-new look this week. There's now a section of English language news on the website.

Tuesday morning news and notes: 9.16.14

Thumbnail image for pete-peterson-mug.jpg LAT goes Republican for secretary of state. Three-foot buffer for bikes takes effect today. Dean Baquet after four months at top of NYT. Clear Channel renames itself. And more.
Here in Malibu

The truth of the matter

Already 83 degrees here at 9 a.m. and...well, I've got nothing else. Hot. Too hot. Walter would prefer to chase...

90 degrees in Palm Springs at 1 a.m.

palm-springs-weather-shot.jpg The high on Tuesday is only expected to be 102 -- 12 degrees more than right now. Could be worse, I guess.

Angels clinch first visit to playoffs since 2009

angels-grab-91514.jpg The Dodgers will probably make it too, but reporters noticed a confrontation in the dugout between Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig that nobody would talk about after Monday's game.
City Hall

John Perez won't join the race against Councilman Huizar

Thumbnail image for JohnPerezPodium.jpg But neither will Perez commit to an endorsement either way. Coverage is starting to crank up for the showdown in the Eastside and Downtown district.

Wright agrees to resign, sets off rush for his chair

Thumbnail image for rod-wright-file.jpg Roderick Wright says he'll leave the state Senate on Sept. 22. Two incumbent assemblymen announced they would run to fill his seat.
Here in Malibu

Once upon a time...

...it was 37 degrees and raining. Ahhh, fairy tales....

Cedd Moses will take over Union Station's vacant Harvey House diner

fred-harvey-franklin-ave.jpg Look for a brew pub kind of experience in about a year. The deal is for 20 years.

Final 6 Dodger games will air on free TV

dodger-channel-billboard-th.jpg Time Warner Cable will allow KDOC 56 to broadcast the last games of the season, starting with the Giants series next week.

How hot is it? Bear in the pool hot (video)

bear-in-pool-monrovia.jpg Fifteen minutes in a Sierra Madre swimming pool then back to the forest. Watch the video.

Media news and notes: Monday 9.15.14

Daum1-articleInline.jpg Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism proposes new $10,000 fee on students. Robert Lopez says LAT tried to keep him. Allie Mac Kay out at KTLA Morning News. LAT hires for Wall Street beat. Plus Hilda Solis and more.

'Django Unchained' actress cuffed by LAPD after refusing to show ID*

daniele-watts-detained.jpg Daniele Watts, who is black, and her white husband posted on Facebook they were rousted for being affectionate on Ventura Boulevard and deemed to be a suspected prostitute and john.
Don Shirley

Where's the LA in CTG? Not in the new season

Paul_Oakley_Stovall-ctg.jpg CTG's website vowed to produce programming that "reflects and informs our own community" through "stories inspired on our own streets." But that language was removed two years ago.

Rod Wright sentenced to 90 days in residency case

rod-wright-file.jpg That's another Democrat going down for cheating on the residency laws. I wonder if that's going to keep happening.
Christensen and Gold

A field guide to the future former birds of LA

Allens_Hummingbird_FInch-FlickrCC.jpg This weekend the Allen's Hummingbirds sparred around our feeders in Venice as usual. It's a sight likely to become more rare and perhaps even vanish in the future. The Allen's Hummingbird is climate endangered. Something is going out of the air in LA.
Read the memo

Will the Daily News et al be sold?

daily-news-box-200.jpg This morning's memo from Digital First Media CEO John Paton doesn't confirm or deny. Let the speculation continue.
Here in Malibu

Drought takes the lake

Remember this, the little mountain lake last March? Now it's this, a little mountain meadow:...

Morning news and notes: Friday 9.12.14

ucla-flood-grab-nbc4.jpg Support for death penalty wanes in California. Voters can't identify Neel Kashkari. Six-state boondoggle falling short. Garcetti has a new business tax idea. DWP pays out on UCLA flood damage. Plus more.
Al Martinez on Everything Else

Toughing it out: Naked and not afraid

Thumbnail image for al-martinez-sketch.jpg Nudity in the wilderness is television's latest obsession and Martinez' mission to wonder if there really is anything behind those blurred camera spots meant to conceal the secret genitalia.Who knows? Keep your eyes on the spots. He is.
Here in Malibu

Garden envy

Ever since I had to give up on my garden up at the barn thanks to the endless gopher...
Editor's note

Session with Gary Leonard now on video

gary-lapl.jpg My Central Library conversation with Gary Leonard last month has been put online by Photo Friends, the supporting organization for the Los Angeles Public Library photo collection.

Morning news and notes: Thursday 9.11.14

new-lapd-car.jpg Narco money laundering in LA. Alarcon sentencing update. Stopping work in Bel-Air. Zocalo hiring. Update on Hall of Justice. Plus cops, courts, media and more.
Gary Leonard

The mayor's endorsement

LAO__JimMcDonnell copy.jpg Take My Picture Gary Leonard is regular weekly feature of LA Observed.
Veronica Street

Chapter 11. The Curse is Renewed

veronica.jpg Caleb felt himself watched as he departed, unwelcome.
New at LA Observed
Don Shirley on CTG's new season
Paul_Oakley_Stovall-ctg.jpg Once again our columnist has to ask: where is LA in the upcoming schedule of the Center Theatre Group? Native Intelligence
Engine 23
engine-23-5th-street.jpg 5th Street in Downtown LA.
Church of Type
church-of-type-pico-sm.jpg Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica.
Garden envy
garden-envy-vdt.jpgVeronique de Turenne has a case of it. Here in Malibu
Wilshire Royale
royale-wilshire-mccollister.jpg Another sweet LA street image from Kevin McCollister. East of West LA

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