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Protect 'City' and Basin and Range

city300.jpg Something elemental and powerful connects Michael Heizer's "Levitated Mass" at LACMA to his remote "City" in the Nevada desert. And now there's an effort underway to protect "City" in a new Basin and Range National Monument.

Obits: John Bowsher, Leonard Beerman, Peggy Stevenson

bowsher-lacma.jpg LACMA's VP in charge of getting the Levitated Mass boulder in place. A noted liberal rabbi. A former LA City Council member.

Big art donors should save Conrad statue

Thumbnail image for bill-300.jpg Chain Reaction is truly a meaningful a work of art. It is also reminds us of the ever present danger of nuclear destruction.

New details on shuttle Endeavour's arrival in LA

endeavour_landing.jpg The retired space shuttle Endeavour's trip across the south end of Los Angeles will look a lot like last spring's movement of the giant boulder that landed at LACMA. Slow and disruptive — though only for two days.

Endeavour to land at LAX, spend two weeks in hangar

endeavour_landing.jpg The Space Shuttle Endeavour is expected to arrive in Los Angeles in late September, carried atop a 747 jetliner from Cape Canaveral in Florida. In mid-October it should begin the roll across town to Exposition Park.

Time lapse of Levitated Mass installation

Just 48 seconds — kind of fun to watch the transformation of LACMA's back lawn into the city's newest outdoor gathering spot.

Picture page: Levitated Mass debuts at LACMA

levitated-mass-skyline-lao.jpg Michael Heizer and LACMA unveiled his giant boulder this morning, and several hundred people came out to take a look. Lots of oohing, ahhing and picture taking under the boulder. As LACMA director Michael Govan said, how often do you get to see under a sculpture?

Eli Broad on being rich, impatient and unreasonable

eli-broad-on-mic.jpg Eli Broad talked at length about his new book, The Art of Being Unreasonable, with Warren Olney on tonight's "Which Way, LA?" on KCRW. Broad said he's not unreasonable so much as impatient with too much discussion or pondering on major decisions. At some point, he says, you have to just do it. Listen to the interview.

'Levitated Mass' opens to the public on June 24

levitated-mass-move-zevweb.jpg The payoff for all that excitement and disruption involved in moving a 340-ton hunk of rock from Riverside County to Wilshire Boulevard comes June 24. That's the day the Levitated Mass exhibit will debut at a dedication ceremony on the back lawn of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Free admission if the rock passed through your Zip code.

Michael Heizer living at LACMA while he seats the boulder

rock-heizer-vevweb550.jpg The artist and his wife are staying in an Airstream trailer at LACMA during the installation of Levitated Mass. He gave architect Frank Gehry a tour of the site this week.

You're not in New Jersey anymore

DTownGood LAO.jpg I've been back home for 3 weeks now--since I drove out of L.A. at the end of August for an east-coast teaching gig--and I have to say, it's good to be back.

Rock me all night long

Let's face it, a big rock moving past on a truck is not an inherently gripping visual, unless maybe you're a six year-old boy. It is slow and looks a lot like construction.

Morning Buzz: Monday 3.12.12

Doonesbury's abortion strips, Romney's California challenge, McCourt and the LA Marathon, and more for a Monday.

Los Angeles, we have a rock*

boulder-arrives-lacma-gary.jpg * Update: The megalith arrived at its final home at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art about 4:30 a.m. ths morning. Gary Leonard was there when it passed...

Friday desk-clearing

What you need to know to see the LACMA boulder arrive early Saturday morning, but plus more notes.

Where the boulder will come to a stop

lacma-boulder-slot.jpg The "slot" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where the Levitated Mass boulder will go on display. The rock arrives Saturday. More...

Street closures coming for Levitated Mass boulder

levitated-mass-move-zevweb.jpg The plan is for the Levitated Mass convoy to enter Los Angeles on Thursday night — in hopes of reaching the museum on Saturday morning.

Reporting from the boulder in La Mirada

That's a respectable crowd on the sidewalk — reminded some residents of when the Olympic torch came through in 1984.

LACMA's rolling stone is a rock star

boulder-grapefruit-rapeport.jpg The 340-ton boulder that's headed for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is attracting crowds of fans — and potential new visitors to the museum — as it rolls...

Rock is one day closer to LACMA


The 340-ton boulder that is destined to sit on the lawn behind the Los Angeles County Museum of Art began its long-delayed trek last night, after suitable festivities at the Stone Valley Materials quarry in Riverside County.

Levitated Mass boulder moves next week (probably)

levitated-mass-map.jpg Photographer Gary Leonard is really looking forward to the move of that 340-ton boulder to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Jumping the gun on LACMA's big rock *

rock-photo-w-figs1.jpg The Levitated Mass boulder is still in Riverside County, despite what Los Angeles magazine says.

LACMA's rock finally has a route and a date

levitated-mass-map.jpg After some delays, the 340-ton boulder destined to be part of an exhibit at LACMA is now scheduled to leave the Riverside area quarry on Oct. 25. Wait until you see the route map.

Weekend news and notes

A roundup from the news and the email in-box.

Here's how that boulder will get to LACMA

rock-photo-w-figs1.jpg How do you bring a 340-ton rock to Wilshire Boulevard? First you need a transporter with 208 wheels, and about fifteen men.

'Levitated Mass,' behind the scenes

rock-photo-w-figs1.jpg LACMA is beginning prep work for a major new art installation that will open to the public in November.