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nyt-reviews-alissa-walker.jpg Tim Egan, Dana Goodyear, Mark Arax, Grace Peng and others weigh in on the drought and California's future, while the New York Times style editors again give Angelenos something to wag their tongues about.

Dave Goldberg's legacy in the music business

dave-goldberg.jpg The Survey Monkey chief executive who reportedly died outside the U.S. while on vacation with his wife -- no details have been released -- was a pioneer in bringing digital music to the Internet.
mccaw-iris.jpg 'Light, Paper, Process' at the Getty
Chris McCaw is one of the photographers in the new Getty exhibition. Iris Schneider gives a preview. Native Intelligence
arts-dist-free-library.jpgArts District Free Book Library. Corner of Hewitt and Traction.
LAO_David_Harper_sos.jpgTake My Picture Gary Leonard is a weekly feature of LA Observed. Click on the photo to see it bigger. Check out Gary's archive.
Music at the Bradbury
italiansaxophone.jpgThe Da Camera Society put on a concert by the Italian Saxophone Quartet at the Bradbury Building. Bigger
'Bates Motel' transformed
bates-motel-portrait.jpgArtist Vincent Lamouroux talks to Iris Schneider about covering the Sunset Pacific Motel in white. More photos
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Old Cornell
old-place-cornell.jpgThe Old Place on Mulholland Highway. Click to see bigger. Photo: Judy Graeme.
expo-line-overhead-cc.jpgExpo Line, Culver City.
unstoppable-metro-local.jpgRiders may disagree. Metro bus on La Brea.
Spring has come
sycamores-vdt.jpgWildflowers and greenery in the Santa Monica Mountains. Here in Malibu
Breaking away
p-33-face-300.jpgP-33 escapes the Santa Monicas by crossing the 101. Story
Streetscape | Burbank
warner-bros-palms.jpgOlive Avenue side of Warner Bros.
Look up
lookup-6th+flower.jpgA corner of the downtown LA skyline from 6th and Flower streets.
Homeless camp on Pico
homeless-pico-closer.jpgSidewalk encampment on Pico Boulevard in West LA. Photos