Only in LA: The lawn order edition

Get 'em while they last!


As we all know, thieves are fond of nabbing metallic objects that they can sell to recyclers. But until I received the accompanying photo from South Bay writer Jay Berman, I didn't realize how indifferent security could be.

Now here's some real surveillance


Ken Brock of Upland snapped this set of dueling signs a while back in a Moreno Valley minimall.

Attention: Today's announcements




Unclear on the concept


Heads up!

OverheadSeat-sh.jpgThe biggest complaint I hear from air travelers is the cramped seating. But I have yet to see conditions as congested as those that Susan Jagosz of Huntington Beach once encountered.

As for cramped parking...


Barbara Yoder noticed some discouraging words at one garage

Plenty of open space here

mobhomes-sh.jpgI wish I could disclose the location of this neighborhood but it's in the witness-protection program.

Changing stripes

laurel-hardy-sh.jpgThe latest issue of the Thin Blue Line, the LAPD union's newspaper, recounts how a suspect being chased down the street by cops tried "to disguise himself by blending in as a painter" with a law-abiding crew that was working on the outside of a residence.

His ploy didn't wash.

Perhaps the suspect was a Laurel and Hardy fan. In their 1927 film, "The Second Hundred Years," the boys escape prison and try to remain inconspicuous by whitewashing their stripes. They also fail to beat the heat.

Street dumb



We're honored that, after Caltrans posted a street sign that spelled Olympic as Olimpic a while back, the LA Times mentioned Only in L.A.'s "City Street Sign Hall of Fame."

Of course, I can't take all the credit for the collection. It was, after all, the city that gave us versions of Observatory (snapped by Doug Soesbe) , Friends (snapped by Sylvia Phelps) and Eagle Rock.

More creative writing

And our thanks must also go out to the pranksters who (purposely) came up with alternate versions of such streets as Valley Circle and Niagara.



In case you didn't get the bad news


And finally...

That's all for today. I'm retiring to the room where I ponder the world's problems.


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