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Trancas Starbucks I was at the Cross Creek Starbucks for coffee yesterday morning, having completed my week at the one in the photo, located on the other end of town. (More about that in a moment.) A barrista with a booming because-I-said-so voice was explaining to a customer how Starbucks is poised to take over Malibu.

"We've got four at least, maybe even five new stores coming in," she said, then added with relish. "Malibu's a cash cow and we're gonna milk it."

The customers in the store, every one of them locals, froze, looked over at her. Because really, what better start to the day than listening to the person pouring your coffee call you a chump? She didn't notice.

"Next?" she said.

So, the Trancas Starbucks. It's next to How's Market, just across PCH from Broad Beach. On the plus side, parking is easy, you can get the LA and New York Times, and the crew is efficient. They'll call down the line and start drinks for you long before you reach the counter, which is useful in such a busy spot. Unfortunately, you get the trademark scorched coffee Starbucks inexplicably specializes in, and the same chilled, limp pastries available at every branch. Seating is scarce. Inside, customers struggle over six small tables. Outside, on the narrow deck, it's the same thing, except with smokers. None of the Diedrich's regulars seem to have landed here. Celebrity sightings can be good: we've seen Pierce Brosnan hop from his limo and get in line, Linda Hamilton hang with the school moms, surf god Laird Hamilton patiently listen to friend's a long, long long tale of woe, and Cindy Crawford, kids in tow, picking up a nonfat chai.

Further details of the Cross Creek adventure next week.

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