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Pelicans in the Cove

Among the many useful things I wish I knew how to do (use jumper cables, make a good vinaigrette, curse fluently in Italian) working with Adobe Photoshop hovers near the top of the list. I can only ask for help from my brilliant photographer friend, Diana, so many times before she cuts me off and confiscates my camera. So here's a nice photo of a pelican about to hurl itself, head first, into the chilly shallows of the Cove in hopes of catching a live fish. (A rough way to make a living.) The close-up is much cooler but no matter what I try, I can't seem to save the zoomed-in image. So until I learn the basics of this infernal Photoshop (if there's a more counter-intuitive program out there, I'd like to hear about it - no, wait - I really don't want to know) all I've got to offer is a far-off photo of a really great bird.pelicans

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