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Call of the stinky wild

Jake, skunkedIf you can't smell the thick, soupy funk of skunk coming off this dog, you're just not trying. They can smell him next door. They can smell him across the street. In Washington, DC, the chief of the EPA is right now getting an urgent phone call. See the squiggly little cartoon lines of tear-inducing odor radiating from Jake's neck? See his look of distress? See the thought balloon in which Pepe Le Pew gives Jake the finger? Yeah. Skunk.

The skunk remedyThe good news is there's an actual skunk remedy. (No, not tomato juice. That just turns your dog pink and makes you want a Bloody Mary.) This mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is a magical brew that really and truly works. Click the link and read the directions carefully. Don't get any in the dog's eyes. Leave it on for the full ten minutes.

Now, about that Bloody Mary...

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