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Really strange Sunday

Barely 11 a.m. and already it's been quite a day.

First, a gloomy morning. It's June after all, when
the marine layer is a daily visitor. (So are lots of
surfers, as a swell has been building all week.)
June gloom

But what in earth could get a pair
of labs to quit a game of catch?
dogs see weird big dead thing

This really big, really weird dead thing.
A cephalopod of some sort.
Weird big dead thing

So we went to breakfast at Malibu Kitchen, which
has the best blueberry muffins in town.
But this guy somehow didn't get the memo about Sunday
morning and public places and using your indoor voice.
loud clueless guy

Home again, where the Junior Birdmen took flight
around the Cove. First a sound like a lawnmower.
Then a sound like a flying lawnmower.
fly guy

I think Evinrude has the right idea.
Chill on the roof. Ring for room service.
On the rocks, please. With salt. Oh - and run a tab.
roof cat

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