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Lines of parked cars show up on a daily basis on our stretch of PCH. Sometimes it's contractors and tradesman working on yet another mega-mansion remodel. Sometimes it's a party so big, even the host's vast grounds can't contain the celebrants. But this particular clot of cars, ranged in front of gated estates with names like Thunder Bay and Mar del Amore, is all about Britney.

They appeared a few weeks ago, right around the time the fallen pop star put her Malibu house up for sale. She rented a place up in the hills and, this being Malibu, there's only one way in and out. (Well, there is another way, a back-road detour that would steer her clear of her personal rat pack, but she either doesn't know or chooses not to use it.)

So when Britney's home, these guys are parked on PCH. You can see them better here, in the larger photo. (Which takes so long to load, it's easier just to use this link.) They stand around for hours, visiting and gossiping, smoking and watching the road. Homeowners got so pissed, they put up those traffic cones to keep their driveways clear.

When these cars are gone, it means Britney has left the building, twenty or so stalkers trailing after. It also means a new slew of crappy photos of a troubled girl caught in (and yes, courting) the spotlight are about to hit the tabs.


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