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Really quiet **updated again

I just drove from Trancas to Cross Creek and back and the city's getting back to normal. Tancas Market is open, as is the Starbucks there. Lots of espresso, pastries and war stories. No newspapers, but people are being pretty good about sharing.

Trancas Chevron, the Point Dume gas station, the 76 station near Corral, and the Chevron next to Malibu Urgent Care all closed. Shell at Cross Creek still seems to be the only game in town. (Though as the day progresses this will likely change.)

Ralphs and CVS both open. Parking lot filling up with people shopping, staring, and taking pix like the one below.

Charter trucks and crews everywhere.

** Roadblock at Kanan still in place, checking IDs for southbound cars. (If traffic is too backed up, you can skip it via the Heathercliff-to-Zumirez route.)

** Roadblock at Puerco Canyon is gone.

Lots of tents going up at the command center at the Civic Center, presumably so firefighters can get some sleep. Water drops continue on lingering hot spots. Fire still burns in the Las Flores area, but is not on the move. Scanner talk says things are edging closer to being under control.

Some fire companies already heading south. Kern County's convoy got big cheers and loud honks from locals driving by.

* Check out the Malibu Times' amazing photo of a water drop.

* Malibu Surfside News has this photo gallery.

* Some Fire Stats:

About 4,500 acres burned.
No injuries or fatalities.
Fire nearly 20 percent contained.
Officials peg Friday as probable date for fire, which still burns in the Las Flores area, to be completely out.
Winds, now intermittent, expected to end on Wednesday.

clock tower - closer view

Next entry: Fire quote of the day

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