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Coyote lovely


Sometime last year, Heather Armstrong linked to a fledgling web site by Shreve Stockton, who was raising an orphaned coyote pup in the wilds of Wyoming. Since Heather, aka Dooce, has a vast and loyal following, and since Shreve is a gifted photographer with an irresistible subject set in a gorgeous part of the world, the story of Charlie the coyote soon went viral. (And promptly -- and predictably -- started some fairly acrimonious conversations about whether it's right or wrong to raise a coyote.)

For a time, Shreve's first blog went dark as she worked on a book. She's back with a new blog, The Daily Coyote, and recently began posting again. Long story long (sorry), this is a video Shreve posted of Charlie playing with his new pal, Chloe. (If the Beastie Boys played at high volume don't sound appealing, get your mute button ready.) And if you're in the market for some good workplace distraction, the archives of both blogs are worth a look.

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