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so that's where they keep it...

If you've read Kevin's post, you know LAO unknowingly hosted an ad with hidden malware, which triggered a huge EEEEK A RAT warning from the internets. And if you read Kevin's subsequent post, you know he and the Google techs found and EXTERMINATED said rat, and all was supposed to be well with the world. (Except for the part about Iraq and the recession and Sean Penn as one of The Three Stooges.)

If you're using IE as your browser, all is well. (Except for the part where you're using IE as your browser.) But Firefox, which seems to have a serious case of post-traumatic stress disorder, is still screaming, no, S C R E A M I N G about the now-banished malware, screaming like my mom when she sees a snake, which means hysterically, with much energetic jumping about, and without an end in sight. (Hi mom! Love you!)

And the final bit of fallout from this malicious little ad is that my "Here in Malibu" Twitter feed is frozen. Suspended, so I can't even link to it so you can look and read and say wow! Let's follow!

Bad girl, the internets are saying to me today. Very bad girl.

(Photo: The restroom at Urth Caffe in Santa Monica.)

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