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In plain sight

Jake the Giant Puppy Dog

Jake the Giant Puppy Dog weighs 111 pounds. We know this because he had a vet visit yesterday, where he bravely balanced his bulk on one of those jittery platform scales. In his mind's eye, though, in his deepest secret soul, Jake is sure he's a two-pound chihuahua.

He loves tiny dogs, quivers with joy when he meets them, is ever so gentle as he sniffs their little heads. The tiny dogs, they're thinking helpmehelpmehelpmePICKMEUP! But Jake, he's all ahhh, my people.

Which is just a convoluted lead-in to the look on Jake's face here, a game of catch in Bluffs Park, in which my sweet behemoth is sure he's fooled us all, run and hidden in the two-foot scrub, utterly invisible. How will we ever find him?

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