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Signs of Saturday: Media, old-school

So I'm at the Malibu Newsstand, where employees often have fun with the signs, and I want to shoot this one, as it's funny, perfect fodder for a Saturday:pets and signs 008

But some guys and their dogs are in the way, joking and jostling and flirting with a girl, so I wait patiently for a while before asking politely if they could, for just a second, move. They do.

That's when I realize it's Kevin Dillon, one of my faves from "Entourage":Kevin Dillon and pals

And just like the time I didn't recognize Pam Anderson as I asked her to please wait while I got a shot of the sunset, I've once again startled a celeb by asking him to get out of the picture.

"You're hilarious," I tell Kevin Dillon.

"So are you," he says, and laughs and laughs.

Next entry: Another kayak bites the dust sand

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