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Hummingbirds are amazing

What's the opposite of ADD? OCD? Because when it comes to birds I love, I've got it. Want to photograph them over and over. And do. (Sorry.) Like hummingbirds:
hummingbird in the cove

Which have their own chapter in the book I'm reading myself to sleep with these days, Birdology.

Last night I learned that a baby hummingbird is the size of bumblebee, has to eat every 20 minutes, weighs less than a single feather of a larger bird.hummingbird at sunrise

An Allen's hummingbird, when it's at the perigee of its mating dive, goes 60 miles per hour and pulls nine Gs. Not a bad way to impress the girls.tiny hummingbird, big twig

Hummingbird hearts beat 500 times a minute. They draw 250 breaths per minute. Their need for food is so great, they're ferocious in claiming territory. bird war


Though when they have to, they'll grudgingly co-exist.
wet birds

The Aztecs believed hummingbirds to be reincarnated warriors. Anyone who has hosted a feeder knows that's not necessarily wrong.hummingbird

Next entry: The scientific method

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