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Trailer Park Tuesday

Old Paradise Cove

I've grown quite fond of trailer park life. As a natural nomad, I like a house that quakes beneath my feet. (I exaggerate, of course, but only a lot.)

I love a place so easy to transform, a house that comes apart at the seams, splits in two and trundles off behind a semi.
out with the old...

The new house arrives the same way, trucked in piece by piece to be assembled on the spot.

New trailer

Trailer park people are a different lot, quirkier than the stick-built crowd. There's good taste and bad taste and there's taste that defies description. And in honor of that we're introducing a new feature today at Here in Malibu -- Trailer Park Tuesday.

No judgement. I truly love it all. And really, what better place to kick things off than at home?

First, let's look again at the bathroom in the mountain trailer I didn't buy. We refer to it, with equal parts relief and longing, as The One That Got Away:
freaky bathroom

Let's look now at the master bath in the trailer I did buy. It'll stay this way for a while longer since my remodeling dollars didn't stretch as far as I had hoped. (Do they ever?)
oh the bathroom

Oh the hanging lights, filigree balls that swing from golden chains:

oh the lights

Oh the plastic seashell sinks:oh the plastic sink

Oh the molded plastic medicine chest, the faux oak paneling, the metallic gold-flocked wallpaper:

oh the lights

What's that? You'd like a closer look?

oh the wallpaper

And now, as the Casa Mulholland remodel sails through its final week, I'm proud to live up to every stereotype you've ever had about who lives in a trailer park, and how.

Here's my front porch this morning:

oh lordy the porch

Please, just call me Ellie Mae.

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