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monterey bay aquarium boat

For a few days last week the Barbara H., the Monterey Bay Aquarium's boat, sat moored right next to the floating four-million-gallon fish pen. This usually means there's a shark in the tank and scientists are seeing whether it's stressed, whether it will feed, whether it's a candidate for the trip up north.

This time the answer was no, and the shark (it's always a 'young of the year', which means it's under a year old and feeds only on fish and hasn't begun yet to hunt larger prey, like sea lions or seals) was tagged released. It joins two other young sharks that were tagged and released this month, one in the Santa Monica Bay, and one near Oxnard that a fisherman accidentally caught.

So that's the news. But what I like about this moment is the boat and the kayaker and the flight of gliding pelicans all in the same frame, and the way the sun was rising and the air was warming and how the beeze laid down a skim of salt on bare skin, and how the scent of it said it's still summer.

kayak and pelicans and boat

Next entry: Autumnal, if you know how to look

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