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Topsy turvy

The lawn at Bluffs Park is one of the Little Dog's favorite places and we often end the work day there. (Yes, Maisie works. Do you think all those gophers just friend her on Facebook?)

It's a great spot to lie down in the setting sun, to feel the crust and the curve of the earth. It's also great, apparently, for canine face time.


The Muffinhead sets herself just so, able to monitor both her dozing human, and the far, far reaches of the park.

ok just lie there if you want to

She's usually camera shy, but ignores me when I'm shooting upside down. (And hasn't figured out the 'rotate' function on Photoshop yet.)

vigilant maisie

Of course there's a price to pay for such diligence:

the ball, please. throw the ball.

(Ignore the "throw the ball" command at your own peril.)

take it

If you're a fan of tiny Labradors with freakishly long tongues, there's a payoff as well.



lurve you, babe

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