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Signs of Saturday: Swim with the fishes

Ever since state wildlife officials created a series of marine preserves along the SoCal coast, there's been a tug-of-war over one of the signs.

One day, the placard would be bent inward, the no-fishing language hidden. A few days later, someone else would unfold the sign so the maps and prohibitions were visible again.

Fold, unfold, fold, unfold, it went on for weeks, the metal of the sign wearing out and tearing and for a while, it seemed as though the unfolded version had won.

Until this fish head appeared, a pretty clear screw-you from the fishing contingent.


Meanwhile, a huge swell rolled through our bit of the coast:

friday swell


There was surfing:

friday waves

the ride

big swell

nice waves on friday

the waves on friday

Some boarding:


(He's inside that wave btw.)

friday swell

And a bit of duck diving:


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