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Trying to see this as progress

Remember this?

the kitchen before

Well now it's this:


It all started when we needed to know whether we could move the sink a few inches to the right so it would be centered under the window, so we (and yes, I do mean we, I'm good with a crowbar) pulled off the wall and it turns out that, in the beginning, the sink was never really under the window at all to begin with but was in the far corner of the kitchen, so the answer was yes, since we're going to fix the crazy jerry-rigged plumbing anyway, the sink can go anywhere at all.

And then, because men with crowbars (and now I do mean "them" and not me, because really, what person in their right mind wants to live with a kitchen that consists of a sink and a stove and a fridge and no countertops or cupboards) will not be denied, the existing kitchen is now in shards in the driveway.

MEANWHILE, the golden sliding glass doors and the golden window have been replaced, the dropped ceiling with the wooden shingles is gone, and that funny little green formica table that used to look so peculiar and 1970s is now the centerpiece of the kitchen.

Also, Walter George Huck Finn Clooney is making himself right at home.

Walter George Huck Finn Clooney

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