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Warning: even more puppy pictures

It's all Walt, all the time here at the house, thanks to the perpetual motion machine known as a puppy. And for the Tiny Labrador, it has gone from trauma to drama to, well, just look:

He plopped down next to her and Maisie's ears went up in her classic wtf? pose:

she's starting to love him

This one's instructive for the glimpse you get of puppy shark teeth. (Believe me, they draw blood.)

and walt

That bit of blur is when Walt was wildly rolling around. Maisie, meanwhile, hasn't moved a muscle.

maisie and walt

This one's cute, plus there's the bonus view of the sub-floor we've been living on as this slow-motion remodel rolls ever-so-sedately along.

Maisie's bed

And this one's so I'm not tempted to post it tomorrow.

walt sees all

You're welcome.

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