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A shaggy dog story

oh Walter

So Walt gets neutered and the instructions from our vet are to keep him quiet for a few days, to which I can only say, have you met this dog? But we do the best we can here at Casa del Remodel, which means Walt's running and jumping and wrestling with Maisie, but only half as much, which is still A LOT so of course I'm worried and at one point I roll him over to check his stitches and there it is, in the middle of his groin, swelling. Edema, I think, from an infection. A neighbor says to take Walt to the vet just to be sure so I do and as Dean's getting the little guy onto his back, I'm pointing and explaining what it is I saw, to which Dean says, as nicely as he can (and without laughing too hard) "Um, Veronique? That's not an infection -- that's an erection."

Oh. Well. Never mind.

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