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Big bird

So we're near the Chama River, headed north in northern New Mexico when Maggie, who has been scanning the road for the last mile or so, stops the car, points and says "There."

near the Chama river

And by "there", she meant a telephone pole topped by the biggest nest I've ever seen.

huge osprey nest

It's an osprey nest, and just as I was thinking wow, what could be more amazing, this happened:

osprey nesting

Yeah, way more amazing.

osprey nest

We watched for a while, the osprey gliding and circling, a fledgling in the nest screaming bloody murder when the parent got too far away.

National Geographic says ospreys (they have six-foot wing spans and can live 30 years) were among the birds that nearly went extinct during the DDT binge of the 1950s.

Nice to see a bit of human technology helping for a change.

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