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Bobcat crossing

Because the adult was too quick (and I couldn't bring myself to take my eyes off of it, not even for a second) I missed the shot of the mother bobcat. But because it took her cub two tries to follow her across the road (and may I say that even more amazing than seeing these two was the fact the cars didn't slow down AT ALL) I got a few frames of the little one.

Here he is, emerging from the underbrush, looking at where his mom just vanished:

bobcat cub crossing the road

Check out his little kitten face:

bobcat cub about to cross the road

baby bobcat

I moved up against a tree to be less of a distraction and he crept forward, eyes glued to mom the entire time:

bobcat cub, gathering courage

bobcat cub

He raced across the road and all I had time for was this shot of his derriere.

bobcat derriere, after crossing the road

Good luck little bobcat. Be careful out there.

*Yep, Florida again. But too cool not to share.

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