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Let's check in on Maisie and Walt

It's been a few weeks since we checked in on the chuckleheads dogs. They were racing around like maniacs the other evening and I don't think there's a single photo that's actually in focus.

First, they hear something. Deer, I think.

they hear the herd of deer

Then they catch the scent.


They're out there, Walt's sure of it.

where is she?

You know who else is out there?



the chase

She's not putting up with any crap, though.

ok, not so dignified

So Walt backs off and the pair of them patrol, keeping the woods safe for one more day.


And btw, Miss Maisie is celebrating her 8th birthday today.

the picture of dignity

She has expressed a birthday wish:

of course.

Next entry: When all else fails...

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