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Sooooo close...

We are days away from being done with the house and by days, I mean a month or so because the guys work here just on weekends. Still, when you think about where it all started, it's amazing.

Let's review.

The kitchen before:

Basically, it was in a box. On an angle.

kitchen in a box

So we took down the wall, filled in the doorway, and added a support post.


The original kitchen had that fab dropped ceiling, fluorescent lights, and a huge gold window and a gold sliding glass door.

There was also an enormous amount of wasted space. The spot I was standing when I took this shot is now a third bedroom.

dropped ceiling


We turned the slider into a French door (we haven't scraped the paint from the door yet after painting it) and replaced the golden window with something smaller so there could be a backsplash against the countertop.



oh. ugh.

Is now this:


And this:

all that weird wasted space

Is this:


It's a really pretty space now -- the guys did (ok, are doing) such a great job.

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