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September 29, 2014

Not to be repetitive but...

...the beach here this morning. Still pretty OK.

the monday beach

September 26, 2014


Almost as though they knew it's the weekend, the dogs had a celebration on the beach this morning. Walt started it:

beach run

he started it

walt takes a corner

catch me if you can



But Maisie finished it.

joy of the chase

beach battle

not bad for 8 years old

Well done, Tiny Labrador.

wet walt

September 22, 2014

Open road

PCH just south of Mugu Rock -- still one of my favorite local drives.

pch south of mugu rock

September 18, 2014

Miss Patsy

that was then: Patsy at the beach

As in, we miss her.

Miss Patsy

A lot.

Miss Patsy

September 17, 2014

Good morning

Morning dog:

miss maisie

Morning mist:

cove pier


Morning ride:



Morning vista:


September 16, 2014

The truth of the matter

Already 83 degrees here at 9 a.m. and...well, I've got nothing else.

Hot. Too hot.

hot hot hot

Walter would prefer to chase the ball from the shade of his bunker.

walter believes in climate change

September 15, 2014

Once upon a time... was 37 degrees and raining.

freezing rain

Ahhh, fairy tales.

September 12, 2014

Drought takes the lake

Remember this, the little mountain lake last March?

morning lake

Now it's this, a little mountain meadow:

the lake vanishes

September 11, 2014

Garden envy

garden in the canyon

Ever since I had to give up on my garden up at the barn thanks to the endless gopher invasion (one time, as I was looking at a lone pepper plant, it shook and poof! vanished into the ground) I look wistfully at this neighboring garden that flourishes without so much as an inch of chicken wire.

September 9, 2014

Goodnight, supermoon

Apogee, perigee, frequency -- all I know is this crazy supermoon had the house lit up and the coyotes howling all night long.

moonset in malibu

supermoon sets

goodnight supermoon

supermoon # 3 of summer

September 8, 2014

Hello, Monday -- that rain looks very good on you

Did it rain where you are? Because here in Malibu it rained, which as anyone (almost) anywhere in California knows is amazing.

Sun rose in a cloudy sky, humid and still. Birds sluggish, surf still stirred up by the remains of Norbert. Here's the Cove looking north this morning:

monday morning sunrise

And here's the view toward the pier:

looking toward the pier

Out to sea is was blue on blue with a sweet salty breeze:

out to sea.

Also -- salty dog:

salty dog after the beach

And morning coyotes.

pair of coyotes behind the house

September 7, 2014

9/11 memorial opens at Pepperdine in Malibu


Almost 3,000 flags, one for each person killed in the 9/11 attacks, appeared on the Pepperdine University lawn this weekend. Created seven years ago by then-student Ryan Sawtelle, with the help of friends and fellow Young Republicans, the memorial draws thousands of visitors and has gained international renown.

Here's a nice piece from Malibu Patch about Sawtelle and his friends, published back in 2012. Sawtelle went on to found the White Heart Foundation, which rallies community support for veterans in need. The Ride to the Flags, one of the groups' annual events, is set for Sept. 14 this year.

Fair warning -- if you're planning to visit the flag display today, expect heavy traffic. As of this morning, PCH is still down to a single lane in each direction at Corral Canyon, where repairs of a failed power pole are still in progress.

pepperdine 9-11 memorial 2014

September 6, 2014

PCH is closed in both directions in Malibu*

*Update: PCH partially re-opened at about 3 p.m., according to Malibu Patch. Traffic still as hellish as you would imagine on a warm weekend afternoon.

(Photo shot at 5:45 p.m. Oy.)*

PCH gridlock in Malibu

Expect gridlock if you're headed to the beach here today thanks to a power pole near Latigo Canyon Road that keeled over for no apparent reason. PCH has been closed in both directions since 8 a.m. and will stay that way for either four hours or all day, depending on who you're listening to.

From City News Service, via Westside Today:

Traffic in Malibu reached an absolute standstill today, as a power pole cracked and began to fall over on Pacific Coast Highway at Latigo Beach.

The pole simply failed, there was no crash or other apparent outside factor, said a sheriff's deputy at the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station. The road closure was ordered just after 8 a.m. today.

Firefighters said PCH was likely to remain closed all day. Westbound traffic was being turned around at John Tyler Drive, eastbound traffic was getting the same order at Latigo Canyon Road.

The closest detour around the four-mile closure was a mountainous 30-mile-loop via Malibu Canyon Road, Mulholland Highway, Sierra Creek Road and Kanan-Dume Road.

Detours involve mountain routes through the Santa Monicas, not exactly fast, but always thrilling.

For the intrepid driver, here's the alternate route:

Signs of Saturday: Lab dance

Malibu Coast Animal Hospital -- wonderful vets and techs and a good sense of humor?

free lab dances

A certain tiny Lab dancer approves.

flying maisie

September 5, 2014

That was then...


Pelican in the Paradise Cove sunrise on Sept. 6 2013.

September 4, 2014

You know who else has a thing for coyotes?

Yeah, this guy, safely sequestered behind closed doors.

walt wants to watch coyotes

And by 'thing', I mean a primal need to pace and growl and act as though he'd leap off the deck to chase (or join) his furry canid cousins.

and then there were two

September 3, 2014

Night falls

Yes, more coyote photos. I think it's going to be a theme...

night falls



September 2, 2014

Look who's coming to dinner

Most evenings, right about sunset, a coyote (or two or three) does some reconnaissance in the conservancy land behind the cottage:


checking for danger

hello, coyote

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