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September 30, 2015

Wind shift

This morning, when a flannel shirt felt right, the flare from the rising sun made the photo seem too hot. But now an afternoon wind sweeps the scent of drying sage down the canyon and I fear the photo isn't nearly hot enough.

paradise cove morning

September 29, 2015

Hello, Zuma

Soft skies this morning at Zuma beach:

good morning, zuma beach

Out to sea as the tide shifted:

zume colors tuesday morning

And the moon set:

moon sets on tuesday at zuma

September 28, 2015

Monday? Really?

nap time

Le sigh.

(Alpaca at the San Juan County Fair in August.)

September 27, 2015

Lunacy begins with 6:39 moonrise tonight

When the moon rises tonight at 6:39, it's already an astronomical event -- a supermoon. It'll be 20,000 miles closer, which will make it look almost 15 percent larger. Add in the lunar eclipse later on in the night (the schedule is here) and everyone is in an uproar.

NASA made a cute(sy) little explainer video; and here's an eclipse story from Wired.

Some info on where to watch in SoCal from KPCC, and from the LAT.

Meanwhile, the beach this morning, mostly gray and almost still. It's afternoon now and remnants of the marine layer are hanging tough, obscuring the sky and horizon. So despite understanding that if this haze does burn off it's because temps east of here have spiked into the 90s, I can't help rooting for clear coastal skies. In the name of moon science.

marine layer again

September 26, 2015

Signs of Saturday: Pick a side

A driver near the civic center in Malibu makes his feelings clear.


pick a side

September 25, 2015

The marine layer is back (ish)

You had to be up early to catch the pearly gray of today's marine layer, but at least it was there. Ocean temps here are setting records, and the effects, including a possible world-wide coral bleaching, are dire.

marine layer returns

September 24, 2015

tbt: Broad Beach, when it was still broad

Broad Beach, looking south

Throwback Thursday: Broad Beach in December 2006.

September 23, 2015

Hello, autumn equinox


May we have some cooler weather? Pretty please?

September 22, 2015

Coyote waits

coyote on alert

Near dusk last night, the last of the birds, the first of the bats, and a coyote starts her bark. It's sharp, it carries, and a second coyote appears. He stands a few feet away, ears up, snout up, reads the canyon breeze. She keeps barking.

A minute in and you catch her rhythm, a triplet, loud soft soft, high low low, over and over and another coyote comes. He's a stranger, or maybe new because neither the barking coyote nor her watchful companion acknowledge him.

Darker and still she's calling. The stranger gets too close, gets reprimanded. Stars now, and all three are looking, scenting and listening when suddenly, seven coyotes. They're swarming, weaving and tumbling, circling, an ornate greeting of yips and snarls, bits of play and bursts of violence.

They're the color of the hills and if you move your gaze for an instant in this last light, you lose them. The barking ends, the greeting ends and they're on the move, up the hill, across the ridge by ones and twos, silhouetted, then gone.

September 21, 2015

The view from here this morning

Already 73 degrees at 6 am here at the coast. Ocean temps too warm to allow much overnight cooling and the sun as it rose promised another day of heat.

hot start to the day in malibu

Out on the horizon, meanwhile, a smudge of wildfire smoke as the western edge of the country burns.

wildfire smoke on the horizon

September 20, 2015


downtown LA

Long, long ago (and a short distance away) no building was allowed to rise higher than LA's City Hall:

For decades, developers lobbied the city to relax the restriction, to no avail. Los Angeles made only one exception: in 1926, it allowed its own City Hall to soar to 454 feet. It would remain the city's tallest building for 40 years.

Lots more about the history of the downtown LA skyline in that post by Nathan Masters, from KCET's wonderful blog, SoCal Focus.

September 19, 2015

Signs of Saturday: the basics

sand and waves

Sand and waves -- the stuff of (Malibu) life.

September 18, 2015

Sailboats in the Cove

They began to arrive yesterday, a few in the morning, more in the afternoon, and today there are 22 of them, sailboats and at least one catamaran moored beyond the surf line. Not a regatta and not a flotilla, neither a fleet nor a convoy (I checked), just a collection of little boats anchored in the Cove. Pretty.

sailboats in the cove


September 17, 2015

Back by popular demand

Walter would like you to throwthrowthrowTHROW THE BALL.

walt says "throwtheball!"

The Tiny Labrador is pleased to have caught it.

Miss Maisie

September 16, 2015

The post-rain view from here this morning

We have clouds and sun and the occasional errant sprinkle. The landscape here feels stunned, birds perched, coyotes silent, every living green thing glowing after that unexpected drink.

paradise cove after the rain

September 15, 2015

That was a lot of rain

Woke to rain at 2 a.m. and until just a few minutes ago, it was still falling. The Pacific is 75 degrees, the 1.75 inches of rain that fell downtown overnight shattered the record for not just the day but for the entire month of September, and it all came as we learned the Sierra snowpack is at its lowest level in five centuries.

In the Cove, the beach is gone and boulders swirl in the surf. Kayaks are floating away -- see the red one, suspended in mid-air? No normal, only extremes.

beach washes away

high tides

sand washes out

September 14, 2015

A bit of rain (and a parting gift)

It rained this morning, just a sprinkle here in the hills above Zuma, a lot more in the Cove where an umbrella would have been nice, and a rainbow -- a double -- was best of all.

rainbow in malibu

rain! and rainbow!

September 11, 2015


malibu dusk

Sometimes this place just takes your breath away.

September 9, 2015

Happy birthday, California!

It's Admission Day for our fair state, an event once celebrated with special stationery. And because your faithful blogger is a bit nerdy (33 Across in today's NYT crossword, in case you needed proof) here's some Californiana to help celebrate the day, 165 years ago, that we joined the union.

happy 165th birthday, california

greetings from

california poppies

golden state

September 1, 2015

Oh September, where did you come from?

It's fleet, the time from that first brush of summer to this angled light of not-quite fall. We could philosophize, or better yet, pretend it's not happening. In that spirit:

Not so long ago it was adios LAX--


...hello, San Juan Islands--

sea plane to san juan islands

the sji

...where a sea plane splashed into a harbor.


A little fox came to visit.

little fox

On a farm, everything, the front gate--


...the cutting garden--

cutting garden

cutting garden

in bloom



...the hens--


peer group








...damson plums--

damsom plums

...even the garden pests--


...felt like a fairy tale.

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