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What is going on here??

The heat, this crazy heat. While television weathercasts are in a lather over daily high temps, it's the spike in overnight lows that's disquieting. Here at the coast, where the ocean is freakishly warm, the nights have stayed in the high 70s and even the low 80s. At dusk yesterday a warm wind blew through and the night, instead of cooling, grew a few degrees warmer. If you've read "The Dog Stars" by Peter Heller, it's all a bit too close for comfort.

ANYway, today's sunrise. A few minutes later, the temperature here actually dropped a few degrees. And tomorrow, having now dumped my bit of apocalyptic doom and gloom, we'll return to our regularly scheduled (deer! Walter! a parasailer at sunset!) Here in Malibu programming.

hot hot days

oh mercy

sailor in the cove

Next entry: Paraglider at sunset

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