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It's Puppy Wednesday! (And considering that awful and corrupt new tax bill, it's not a moment too soon.)

the shiniest Labrador in Malibu

First of all, the puppy is NOT that big. (But she really is that shiny.) Still, with the sloping trail and something that the point-and-shoot did, she looks larger than Walter. Of course I may just be in denial that she's growing up so feel free to ignore the protestations of the person behind the camera.

BUT, and this is definitely true, for some reason whenever the camera comes out, Daisy furrows her forehead and squinches up her face and she looks...not like herself. The late great Maisie also hated having her picture taken so who knows, maybe it's a Lab thing?

ANYway, this was just after sunrise and with the light pouring in, both dogs are having trouble keeping their eyes open. I love how goofy they look.

Next entry: Happy (true) New Year!

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